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29 May 2023

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Type Bluetooth Type and Bluetooth Version

The first wireless Bluetooth audio had very poor sound compared to wired audio and the reason was that music data had to be compressed before being connected wirelessly. This method must be done because transmitting a lot of data will drain the battery quickly; the less data, the less battery power is used. So, the way the music data is transmitted and the character of the music depends on the codec used for transmission. 11 of the best selfie camera phones at low prices

Type Bluetooth type

So how do iOS device owners get good quality Bluetooth audio? The answer is AAC, a codec designed specifically for audio use. Like aptX, AAC requires devices and audio units that support AAC. Audiophiles find AAC on par with aptX, but the problem is the standard’s popularity. There are only a handful of devices currently that support AAC compared to aptX. This means that iOS device owners will have to try quite a bit to find devices that support Bluetooth AAC if they want a good quality Bluetooth audio experience. The Cheapest iPhone Price 2018 Official iBox Indonesian Distributor

SBC stands for “Low Complexity Subband Coding” which is the default codec for all Bluetooth audio devices. This codec is not designed for listening to high-quality music or audio. It’s simply designed to allow audio to be streamed using as little power as possible. As a result, listeners with sensitive ears will feel a decrease in audio quality. Unfortunately for those listeners there are still SBC levels and users cannot easily which SBC level the device is using for streaming. At its best, SBC transmits data at a bit rate of around 328 kbps – equivalent to the highest quality MP3 files.

Moving on from SBC, there’s aptX, which is a codec developed by a company called CSR and acquired by Qualcomm in 2015. Unlike SBC, aptX’s roots are in audio fdelity; creating that uses data collected from psychoacoustic research. The goal is to provide near-CD quality audio. And of course, some audiophiles call it having better streaming audio quality. And while aptX is one of the more popular Bluetooth audio codecs, it’s not supported by all devices. To enjoy aptx-quality Bluetooth audio, both the device and the audio unit must support aptX. iOS users should pay attention to this point because iOS devices do not support aptX.

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