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29 May 2023

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Tutorial on How to Crop Safely in Photoshop

Safely Cropping in Adobe Photoshop

Layer Masks

Layer Masks have the same working principle as Clipping Masks. The difference is, you will be editing a specific area on the layer, not preparing the shape of the mask first. Layer masks will make it easier for you while editing and also return your edits to their original state. Weak Points Weaknesses of Https

  • As with the steps for the clipping mask, you can open the image file you want to edit in Photoshop or place it via β€œFile | place”. You don’t have to use just one photo, but you can use two or even more. (image taken from photoshopcontest.com).
  • Select the Layer you are referring to, then go to the bottom of the layer. If you notice, at the bottom of the Layer there is a rectangular icon with a circle in the middle called “Layer Mask”. Click on the icon so you get an additional layer mask.

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  • If you pay attention to the right of the image in Layers, there is already a layer mask. Make sure that your layer mask is active, not your photo on the layer. To make sure it’s active, you can check it through the active border around the image. If the layer mask isn’t active yet, you can click on it first.
  • With the layer mask active, you can easily edit. You can do cropping with an eraser, or a pen-tool to make it neat. You always need to make sure that you still leave the layer mask active, so that when you crop it, it will cut off part of the mask, not the original image.
  • If you notice, there is an error in the cropping process on the wheel. Indeed, this error can be returned with “Undo”, but this is not possible if it is too long, even by looking for it in History.
  • This is the specialty of the layer mask. You can restore it without having to repeat the cropping process. To restore the image, select the Basic brush with a 100% Opacity setting, and 100% Flow. In this case, you also need to use 100% Hardness so that the part of the photo you want to restore looks solid. Use the appropriate brush size.
  • Go to the color palette. Make sure the color in the palette is White-Black with white at the top which is the default color and black at the bottom. If not, you can use the default color by clicking on the default icon. This is important because the missing parts need to be restored with default and solid brush settings. This section also has a shortcut by pressing a button [D].
  • Gently rub the brush on the clipped layer mask where needed. Happy! Part of your photo will return to how it was before cropping. You can delete the layer mask if you want to restore your photo from scratch by right-clicking on the layer mask, then selecting “Delete Layer Mask”. As with clipping masks, using layer masks saves time because cropped images can be restored quickly.

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