Tuition Fees in Germany Without Scholarships in Rupiah -
4 June 2023

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Tuition Fees in Germany Without Scholarships in Rupiah – Did you know that the majority of universities in Germany provide free education allowances for all students enrolled in them, even international students?

Currently, the state of Baden-Wurttemberg is the only region that does not provide subsidized free education in tertiary institutions.

However, if you choose not to study in that area, at least you no longer need to think about the burden of tuition fees.

List of expenses and Tuition Fees in Germany Without Scholarships

The rest is left, such as living expenses, clothing, food, boards and other secondary needs that you still have to consider as a form of spending on tuition fees in Germany

Contribution fee per semester

The cost of education is completely free of charge, but not the cost of contributions that will be given or paid by students which include administration, student body contributions, sports facilities, cultural events, and semester tickets.

If you rely on tuition fees in Germany, then you have to pay the contribution fee per semester yourself. The total can be up to 500 euros per semester, or around 8 million rupiah.

These costs can vary for each university, and maybe those of you who are not studying at a public university will receive a higher fee if you rely on tuition fees in Germany without a scholarship.

Flight tickets to Germany

One of the things that becomes your responsibility when you successfully qualify to become one of the scholarship recipients is a ticket to go to the destination country of education. Usually this allowance applies when leaving and returning after the study period ends.

How much does it cost to study in Germany without a scholarship? Currently, the cost of a plane ticket from Indonesia to Germany is around 8-9 million rupiah for a round-trip ticket. And around 3-4 million rupiah for a one-way ticket.

Tuition Fees in Germany Without Scholarships

Guaranteed study visa

To become a student at a university in Germany, you are required to attach proof of ownership of a savings account containing at least 8700 euros or around 139,500,000 rupiah.

This proof of savings ownership will help you to apply for a visa.

In fact, owning this account is proof that you can “survive” within the next one year.

Even if you are registered as a scholarship recipient, you still have to attach proof of this document.

If you are a scholarship recipient, you don’t need to worry, because some scholarship providers provide monthly allowances that you can manage.

However, if you depend on the cost of studying in Germany without a scholarship, then this savings is crucial.

student card

Student card fees are mandatory for every student in Germany. the function of this card itself is actually not as an identity card, but as a ticket for public facilities.

You can attend various public facilities such as cultural festivals with a certain quota and take advantage of this ticket. Prices may vary for each campus.

Depending on the number or number of public facilities in the campus area. The more public facilities that are registered, the greater the student card fee will be.

It is estimated that the student card fee, which is determined by the average university in Germany, is 250 euros per semester or around 4 million rupiah.


Usually insurance will be borne and provided by the scholarship provider, but for tuition fees in Germany without a scholarship, you will bear these costs yourself.

Is it important to have insurance coverage to study in Germany? yes, insurance while studying in Germany is counted as one of the most important after visa guarantees.

With tuition fees in Germany without a scholarship, you have to pay at least 80 euros or around 1,200,000 rupiah for health insurance, medical expenses, and other medicines.


The price of renting a house in Germany also depends on its location, the more strategic and close the place is to public facilities such as universities, the higher the price.

The average cost of renting a residence in Germany is around 210 euros or 3.5 million rupiah in one month. This price excludes electricity costs of 100 euros or 1.6 million rupiah per month. So the total you have to spend is 5.1 million rupiah per month.

Daily food costs

If you rely on tuition fees in Germany without a scholarship, then you will have to bear the cost of living which includes the cost of daily meals yourself.

For one month, you can spend 2.8 million rupiah just to eat and drink for one month. For that price you can’t get food that is considered luxurious.

Transportation costs

It’s a good idea to save money by using transportation such as buses or trains, if the destination is not too far away and can still be reached on foot, then it’s better to just walk to save money.

Because for tuition fees in Germany without a scholarship you have to spend at least 1.5 million rupiah every month for transportation costs.

Internet, and stationery

Unlimited telephone and internet bills are only 500 thousand rupiah, without any other expenses.

For the cost of stationery or other learning tools, several universities waive fees for writing/photocopying.

But you still have to be on guard if your campus doesn’t have this policy or you have to go out for photocopies. The cost is around 30 euros or 500 thousand per month.

Those are the estimated costs that you will incur when choosing to study in Germany without a scholarship.

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