Tips / How to Complete Hitman Sniper Game Missions to Win -
29 May 2023

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Tips / How to Complete Hitman Sniper Game Missions to Win

For those of you who are relatively new to playing the Action Shooter genre game, especially the Hitman series, you can say that you have to adapt first because at first it was difficult to play this game. However, don’t worry. we will provide easy tips to be able to play Hitman: Sniper ..

tips for playing the hitman sniper game to win

  • Check out the Quest First

As a professional assassin, you have to follow the tasks instructed by your superiors. The instructions given are a number of quests that can train your instincts. You will be provided with a number of missions to hone your skills by killing the guards secretly. Indeed, each mission given in this game is rather difficult, but you can feel the sensation of being a real assassin in a series of quests that are given throughout the game.

  • Remember, “One Shot, One Kill”

In this game you have to apply the sniper principle where when you finish off the guards, all you have to do is shoot one shot and one person dies. It’s not easy at first because you have to finish off your opponents quickly without being noticed. You can see one of the gameplay screenshots below. If you look at it, on the lower right side there is a lung icon. If you press the icon, your character will hold his breath so he can focus on his target. However, keep in mind, you cannot hold your breath for long because it will interfere with your character’s breathing. Here, we recommend shooting your opponents in the head directly to keep them from moving any further.

  • Earn Bonuses by Killing Secondary Targets

Sometimes you will get a mission to kill a secondary target or certain targets. During the game, you can see that the target with the purple icon above its head is a secondary target. If you have found a secondary target, then you can use the marker feature by tapping on the target, and the marker will follow the movement of your target. When the situation is safe, then immediately kill the secondary target. Automatically, the bonus that you will get in the game will be even more.

In the game Hitman: Sniper, you can upgrade targets to get certain items. You can collect these items to create new weapons. Even though the percentage for getting items that can be used to make weapons in this game is not easy, at least this can motivate you to keep fighting to be able to upgrade targets.

The presence of the Armory feature in this game greatly supports your actions as an assassin character in Hitman: Sniper. Here you can upgrade your weapons and get special abilities. Not only upgrading, you can also buy and make weapons from the items you have collected. It is recommended to always update this Armory feature. Who knows, the items you collect are complete so you can enjoy new weapons. For those of you who are playing Hitman: Sniper for the first time, there’s nothing wrong with trying the tips above so you can achieve an even higher score. It should be noted, to be a reliable hunter in this game is quite difficult because you have to be able to kill targets quickly and leave no traces as much as possible. However, by practicing continuously, it is guaranteed that you can pass all the quests.

tips for playing the hitman sniper game to win

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