Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting -
29 May 2023

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Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting – Before discussing how to choose the best web hosting, this article will discuss what web hosting is, the uses of web hosting, what are the characteristics of the best and most reliable web hosting, and the last is discussing Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

So what is web hosting? well, in the world of websites, we know domains and web hosting, or we usually short with hosting. Domain itself if we analogy with the house, the domain is our home address on the internet. For example, our home address is Jalan Rambutan number 2 RT 10 RW 11. Now the domain itself, for example, is or and so on. While hosting, when analogized, is the area or capacity of our homes on the internet. The more outside / the capacity of our house on the internet, the more flexible we will be in building a house on the internet. Therefore, generally hosting must offer a different capacity in each package offer. The greater the hosting capacity, the more able it will be to accommodate website visits to our site or domain address.

What are the uses of Web Hosting?

Technically web hosting can be interpreted as a server that holds all the files needed to create a website so that it can be accessed worldwide using the internet. Now in web hosting itself there are generally two core things before we decide to buy hosting. Namely the general hosting capacity for portfolio websites, the minimum personal capacity is 1GB, and the bandwidth. So what is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the maximum web hosting capacity that can be accessed by visitors to the website you are building. For example, the size of your website is 200kb, and your daily visitors are 100 visits per day. Then the bandwidth that is released on that day is 20,000 kb or 20 mb per day.

Characteristics of the Best and Most Trusted Web Hosting

Buying and choosing web hosting is difficult, difficult, easy, but there are characteristics of hosting that can be trusted or not. So what are the characteristics of the best and most trusted hosting?

  1. Established more than 5 years. Niagahoster, for example, has been established since 2013, until now 2019 in total it has been established for 7 years.
  2. Already have the status of PT. Niaga Hoster is of course a clear legal entity, with a clear address.
  3. Have a professional website design. Try checking the hosting address site. The web design is certainly professional, the order flow is clear and automatic, prices, the hosting specifications offered are also clearly displayed on the website
  4. Fast website loading. As the best hosting service provider, you should have average access speeds. Now Niagahoster already meets these criteria
  5. Having its own Dedicated Server with high specifications. Hosting services will not be maximized if you don’t have your own dedicated server, this is because the hosting service provider will not be able to control 100% if at any time a hosting problem occurs. So, NiagaHoster, of course, already has its own Dedicated Server with high specifications.

So, the conclusion ?

For those of you who are looking to buy cheap web hosting, recommends that the best web hosting in Indonesia is NiagaHoster. In addition to the best server quality and high specifications, NiagaHoster also often provides Annual Domain Hosting Promos at low and competitive prices.

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