This Update is the New STNK Cost Component -
4 June 2023

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This Update is the New STNK Cost Component

Try to look at the columns in the STNK. there is a column ‘STNK ADM FEE’. The amount also varies for both motorbikes and cars. Previously, the STNK approval fee regulation was implemented on January 6 2017 with a fee of IDR 25,000 for two or three wheels and IDR 50,000 for four or more wheels. the amount of fees is different if you extend your five-year tax or STNK. This figure will certainly increase. For example, Abdurrabbi Mufd, a resident of Poltangan, South Jakarta, in the column it says Rp. 50,000. Meanwhile, Atdyen Gindy’s STNK is only IDR 25,000. Both of them have motorcycle registration certificates. This difference is due to differences in payment. The costs incurred by Mufd are for the issuance of new STNK while Gindy only pays the annual STNK validation fee. The payment is placed in that one column.


However, it turned out that these columns and fees were sued and demanded to be abolished. Moh. Noval Ibrahim Salim, a resident of Tlangi I Hamlet, West Waru Village, Kec. Waru, Pamekasan, Madura which filed the first lawsuit until finally it was granted by the Supreme Court (MA). Elimination of fees is regulated in Appendix No. E Numbers 1 and 2 of Government Regulation No. 60 of 2016 concerning Types and Rates of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) Applicable to the Indonesian National Police. According to Noval, together with Moh’s legal team. Saleh and Partners, the increase in PNBP was rejected by the DPR, so this is contrary to Article 31 paragraph (4) of Law number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services. The Supreme Court in its decision stated that the imposition of the above STNK approval fee was contrary to a higher regulation, namely Article 37 paragraph (5) of Law Number 30 of 2014 concerning Government Administration. The Law states that the legalization/copying of documents carried out by Government Agencies or Officials is free of charge or free. This deletion applies to validation of annual STNK or what consumers usually call an extension of STNK. The fee for issuing a five-year STNK remains in effect.

We tried extending the motor vehicle registration tax, and yes, the cost column has been left blank. “We immediately implemented what the Supreme Court had decided, the approval of the annual STNK fee, for the five years it will still apply because of the issuance of a new STNK,” said Kombes Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya. Thus, from the examples available, write-offs only apply to fees such as those incurred by Gindy. Meanwhile, costs incurred by Mufd will still be charged. Argo Yuwono also explained that he had no problem with the elimination of the fee. This is due to the allocation of approval fees to the state treasury which is not related to the activities and income of the police. Hestu Yoga, Public Relations of the Directorate General of Taxes, added that the entire budget for the STNK approval fee goes to the Ministry of Finance as state treasury. PNBP Director of the Directorate General of Budget of the Ministry of Finance Mariatul Aini said that this year’s National Police PNBP could be reduced by IDR 435 billion from the exemption from the STNK validation fee.

However, he was reluctant to explain further about the detailed financial allocation. The new regulation that was enacted in 2016 was included in the Payment Obligation Assessment Letter. Enter the category of administrative costs contained in the STNK sheet. In addition to validating the STNK, it also includes the types of taxes that must be paid, including Motor Vehicle Tax and Road Traffic Accident Compulsory Fund Donations (SWDKLLJ). According to Argo, the Supreme Court’s decision has been socialized to the police so that the public does not need to worry if there is still payment for approval. When asked about socialization to the community, he explained that there was no socialization to the community. He reasoned that the notification was sufficient to be informed at the One-Stop Administration System or Samsat office.

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