This is the Latest Xbox One S Price in Indonesia -
29 May 2023

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This is the Latest Xbox One S Price in Indonesia MICROSOFT XBOX ONE S

The Xbox One S is finally here, and the white box is about 40 percent smaller than the older model – a commendable change considering that the power supply is now in the unit. No more bulky external power adapters. The One S can also be placed standing, but you’ll need to spend a little extra to purchase the optional stand. Other improvements include a physical disc eject and power button; Capacitive buttons on older models tend to be pressed accidentally more often.

There are three USB 3.0 ports on the console and one of them is on the front rather than the side. This makes access much easier when you put it in a small cupboard. The gamepad pairing button has also moved to the next location. The back closely resembles the standard Xbox One connector lineup but is missing one. No more Kinect connectivity inputs. Microsoft still doesn’t admit it, but the one S has all but Kinect. Improvements were also experienced by the controller, now in a neater and simpler form. This controller feels like the Xbox One Wireless Controller, but has a firmer grip surface. It also has Bluetooth support, enabling wireless connection with Windows 10 computers and further distances. The controller still pales in comparison to Elite’s, but at least One S players will know their controller better than first-gen Xbox One owners.

Technically, the One S specs aren’t much different compared to the Xbox One. The console is powered by a custom eight-core AMD CPU clocked at 1.75 GHz, it also has the same 8GB Radeon GPU and DDR3 RAM. The advantage lies in increasing the GPU frequency from 853 MHz to 914 MHz, and boosting memory speed from 204 GB/s to 291 GB/s. That added power isn’t enough to deliver native 4K gaming, but it’s enough to deliver game upscaling and handle HDR. Now, if you have a 4K screen, the One S will automatically output games in 4K resolution. Since Xbox One games are native 1080p resolution, the One S only does upscaling. However, based on our experience playing games, content looks very sharp with smooth edges and minimal jagged.

Even if you can’t play games in native 4K resolution, the One S does offer 4K HDR video playback from UHD Blu-ray discs or streaming services like Netflix. If your 4K television doesn’t support HDR, then you can enjoy the best standard content that the One S can offer. UHD Bluray content from the One S renders is usually well done and HDR movie content like Mad Max will blow your mind. Since it’s a 4K content platform, it’s worth noting that the Xbox One S comes with HDMI 2.0a instead of the legacy HDMI 1.4 on the Xbox One. The One S is an interesting console. It is also a UHD Blu-ray player and 4K media, and priced at IDR 4.99 million, this console is fairly affordable.

For that reason, even if you’re not a huge console fan, the One S can be relied upon. Even though it can’t handle 4K games, the One S really brings a very pleasant experience in terms of HDR gaming at normal resolution and improves the quality of games. Support for 4K UHD preference for movies rather than games makes One S an interesting point. Microsoft seems to want to let hardcore players who need 4K gaming within the Xbox ecosystem enjoy it on the Windows 10 platform via its Play Anywhere initiative. The choice to make the new console an affordable and reliable media center seems to be a calculated first step for Xbox as an entertainment system brand, not just a game console. Microsoft has also not lost sight of the fact that they have everything but lost out to the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the One S is the size of a new generation of consoles. these factors do not make One S less attractive, but more meaningful if released a few months earlier.

CPU : AMD custom, 1.75 GHZ 8 core
GPU : AMD Radeon 914MHz
MEDIA : Blu-ray 4K UHD, HDR
PRICE: IDR 4,990,000

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