These are the NMAX and Honda PCX Rivals who are fuel efficient -
29 May 2023

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These are the NMAX and Honda PCX Rivals who are fuel efficient

A scooter pioneer from Taiwan, Kymco has re-entered the Indonesian market since 2017 through PT. Smart Motor Indonesia. One of the mainstays is the Downtown 250i variant which sells for IDR 68 million OTR Jakarta. How is the performance and what are the advantages of this Yamaha XMAX competitor? To find out, we immediately tested it with daily use and touring to Ciletuh, Sukabumi, West Java via Bogor and Cikidang. Let’s look at the reviews


Even though it’s big, it turns out that this scooter presents a sporty appearance. Most visible on the front, starting from the main light which has a sharp design and the turn signal which curves follow the shape of the body like an arrow. Other body parts also present aggressive curves with dynamic lines. The taillights are unique because they are equipped with silver trim in the middle. The color choices are Pearly Black, Mat Silver Crystal, Mat Gray and Matt White. From the side, you can see that the seat is long and large, even the height of the seat for the driver and pillion looks much different. Coupled with the position of the high handlebars, can you imagine the riding position on this motorbike? Heheheā€¦


The speedometer with a blue background combines analog and digital. For analog displays the speed meter on the left side and the tachometer on the right side. In the middle there is a digital screen containing some information, starting from the engine temperature and fuel capacity shown in the form of a bar. Then there are 2 choices of top and bottom information. Below there is an odometer, trip A & B, and oil service. While above, there is real time fuel consumption, there are choices of km/liter and L/100 km, battery volts, air temperature, and average fuel consumption. What’s unique is that the average fuel consumption display only appears if the bottom screen is showing trip A. The switch is no different from other motorbikes, but there’s something odd, the hazard button is on the front right side so it’s a bit hard to reach. The unique thing is that this hazard can still turn on even though the contact is in the off position, very useful when the motorbike has problems in the dark. What’s cool is that the two brake handles have 4 play distance settings, so you can adjust the rider’s wishes if you want a close or far handle. Under the handlebars there is an ignition key with 3 ways to open the seat, first when the handlebars are locked, then when the lock is off and when the ignition is on by pressing and turning the key to the left. There is also a small storage space to the right and left, unfortunately it’s not too deep so you can’t even store a 600 ml capacity bottle. But on the left side there is a USB charger socket to charge the smartphone. Then underneath there is a fuel tank, to open the cover you only need to pull the lock, you will see the mouth of the gas tank and can be opened with a key. There is a large storage space under the seat, it can fit 2 full faces at once and is equipped with LED lighting. Very suitable for those who like to travel far. Oh yes, the seat is equipped with a hydraulic spring, making it easier not to lift your hand. The Downtown 250i front suspension is telescopic, while the rear is dual pretentious with 5 pre-load settings. Setting it up is quite easy, you don’t need a spanner key, you just plug it in using a screwdriver as the lever and then rotate it. The wheel circumference is striped, the front uses a 14-inch ring with 120/80-14 tires and 150/70-13 rear, both are tubeless.


This large seat has a height of 810 mm, not too high but wide enough, so that the 170 cm tall tester needs to stand on his two feet. But behind that there are advantages, very comfortable bro!!! The character of the foam is thick and soft, even the contours are low in the back so that the driver feels like being swallowed up by the seat, like sitting on a sofa. Coupled with a relatively high backrest that almost reaches half of the rider’s back. Sitting is comfortable, holding the handlebars is also comfortable because of the height. So that the driver is really spoiled when driving the Downtown 250i. Moreover, there is a windshield that is quite high, so it doesn’t block the driver’s view but still holds the wind well. The only note is that the footrests don’t feel long enough, so the rider’s legs when they want to stretch their knees are still bent, not completely straight. This scooter has a net weight of 178 kg, quite heavy but still okay to bend in traffic jams, both in the city of Jakarta and on the busy Sukabumi route, but you have to be careful because the wheelbase is long enough to reach 1553 mm which is prone to getting stuck! Even so, it turns out that the handling is admirable. To devour Cikidang and Ciletuh corners, they are very agile and easy to control. His character is very obedient to cornering, there are absolutely no signs of resistance or stiffness. It’s fun when cornering the lower side of the motorbike rarely rubs against the asphalt, so it’s more ‘confident’. It’s a shame that the front suspension for the tester weight of 57 kg is often bottoming due to the short travel, the effect is felt hard when going through uneven roads fast. The rear suspension has 5 pre-load settings to choose from, so it can be adjusted according to each rider’s weight. His character has a relatively slow rebound, so the motorbike feels more stable when devouring corners, so the pillion is also comfortable! On the braking side, the front wheels get wavy semi-oating discs with a diameter of 260 mm which are flanked by 3-piston calipers, while the rear uses 220 mm discs with 2-piston calipers. Both brakes have a soft and grippy response, you just have to be careful because you haven’t used ABS.


The Downtown 250i is equipped with a pure engine capacity of 246.3 cc with a piston diameter of 66 mm and a step of 72 mm. Cooling using the radiator which is located behind the front wheels, so that it can catch the air properly. Since the start of the starter the engine sound is very smooth, minimal vibration with the character of the exhaust sound which is slightly loose, especially when opening the gas. The engine response is fairly good, every gas opening feels like it’s going straight. The smooth CVT area also has minimal vibrations and slippage, making driving more comfortable. When the gas is fully opened, the power will be stuck first at the maximum torque of 23.1 Nm which is at 6,000 rpm. To drive in stop and go conditions or touring with long routes is not a problem, it is really capable and really enough. The character of the engine is typical of over stroke which has a short breath felt at this Kymco, very quickly touching the limiter at 7,000 rpm at a speed of 125 km/hour. The unique claim is that the maximum power of 22.5 hp is actually at 7,750 rpm. Well, you haven’t reached your maximum power yet? The responsiveness of this machine is proven using Racelogic, which records a time of only 4.4 seconds for acceleration 0-60 km/h and 12.3 seconds for 0-100 km/h. Distance 0-201 meters only taken 11.5 seconds. Complete details can be seen in the table. Oh yes, from this data it turns out that it beat its rival, namely the XMAX 250, for example 0-201 meters takes 12.1 seconds

fuel consumption

Devouring various road conditions for approximately 700 km, by driving more often hands often “don’t go to school”. By default, you always open the gas because the engine is responsive, it’s fun to ride like that! Even so, the consumption of gasoline using the RON 92 is still quite efficient, averaging 25.4 km/liter as shown on the speedometer. That means with a gas tank capacity of 12.5 liters, one full charge can drive up to 317.5 km. For touring, you rarely stop by gas stations!

For those looking for a 250 cc scooter, the Kymco Downtown 250i can be an interesting choice, because fun to ride offers a comfortable sitting position, very obedient handling and is supported by a responsive engine. It’s just that the features are incomplete, as there is no ABS and the price is more expensive than rivals.

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