These are the best car tires for MPVs like the Avanza Ertiga Mobilio -
29 May 2023

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These are the best car tires for MPVs like the Avanza Ertiga Mobilio

Erratic weather in the territory of Indonesia should still be anticipated by every driver. Especially when it’s raining which causes the road surface to get wet and be wary of puddles. “Tires are car components that should be considered during the rainy season. Because tires are part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the road surface. What needs to be considered in the tire sector is checking the thickness of the tire grooves, wind pressure, the physical condition of the tires, and how to drive when crossing wet roads,” said Surya Dharma, Sales and Marketing Manager of PT Elangperdana Tire Industry (EPTI). Price Protective Rubber Lips for Car Wheels

Like the saying, prepare an umbrella before it rains, anticipation for the rainy season is needed so that driving safety and comfort are always maintained

Furthermore, is there a correlation between the tread tread design and wet road conditions? Surya commented that the proper tread tread design has the function of preventing aquaplaning, preferably with an asymmetrical pattern. “Also pay attention to puddles that are quite deep by reducing speed when driving,” added this smiling man. The grooves on the tread of the tire do have a function for grip on the road. Moreover, tire grooves with good depth are useful as drainage channels when crossing wet roads. So that the obstacles caused by water can be anticipated properly. “The manufacturer creates a pattern on the tire with consideration of the road surface. For symmetrical patterns, it has a good wet grip feature but the weakness is about noise.

The advantages of Forceum, Accelera and Zeetex tires:

The good news is that all EP Tires products such as Accelera, Forceum and Zeetex have gone through rigorous testing in Europe. In this test, not only testing rolling resistance and noise, but there is also a wet grip feature that is tested to deal with wet or slippery road conditions. In particular, all Forceum flagship products such as Forceum Octa, Penta, ATZ R, Heptagon HT, Ecosa and others are equipped with the Wet Grip feature. So that the driver remains safe driving in rainy conditions

To pass through relatively good dry roads. Meanwhile, the asymmetrical pattern is the perfect solution for maximum wet and dry road surfaces. The asymmetric tread also has low noise,” explained Surya again. Oh yes, the wind pressure factor also affects driving. Excessive air pressure can cause the tire tread to not fully track the road surface, which can reduce driving stability. Conversely, if the wind pressure is lacking, the situation is like excess wind pressure, but the middle of the palm can be hollow. Another factor that drivers must know is the emergence of aquaplanning. This means that a layer of water forms between the road surface and the tires. This causes the tires to lose traction so that the driver loses control. However, don’t worry, tires actually have inflated grooves designed to dislodge water in the middle of the tread towards the outside of the tire. However, when the amount of water is greater than the tire’s ability to travel through the water, the tire can be at risk of aquaplaning. The Best Hatchback for Young People

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Even more fun, if you are still unsure about tires, please send an inquiry to marketing@eptyres. com or sms hotline, WhatsApp and WeChat to number 0856 9371 8800. PT EPTI provides free consultations for all of you

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