The Uses and Costs of Gurah Car Engines -
4 June 2023

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The Uses and Costs of Gurah Car Engines

Hello OTOMOTIF, greetings from Karawang. I want to ask, I’ve seen on websites about gurah engines, is this method really able to clean the combustion chamber perfectly? I was interested in doing this, considering that my car is quite old, namely the first generation (Toyota) Avanza. The problem is, if you have to disassemble the engine to clean the combustion chamber, it costs a lot. The next question is, how do you fix the trunk door, which sometimes tends to go down by itself after being lifted. He said he had to replace the door sokbreker huh? How much did it cost and where did you buy it apart from the official repair shop? That’s the first question, thanks for the answer. Keep going AUTOMOTIVE! Robert Karawang, via e-mail

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The Uses and Costs of Gurah Car Engines

Hello Kang Robert, nice to meet you too from us. Regarding the desire to fill your Avanza engine, pretend (come on) just obey! The result is not bad really to reduce the pile of deposits in the combustion chamber. Some official repair shops also apply this method to their customer’s cars. But about whether the scale can be perfectly clean or not, it doesn’t feel like it can be completely clean like new, even if you do it regularly every time you change the oil. But the effect is pretty cool to restore engine performance so it’s more powerful, I’ve tried it myself. If necessary, accompanied by cleaning the fuel lines and injectors, using injector cleaning fluid that is poured into the fuel tank. At the same time clean the throttle body and intake using a cleaning fluid that is a spray model, there are lots of choices on the market. The costs themselves vary in the range of 300 thousand to 500 thousand depending on the treatment. Then about the trunk door that often goes down by itself, yup that’s right, that’s a sign that the trunk door is weak. The price for a pair (left and right) is around IDR 200,000. Can be obtained at the nearest auto parts center in your city. Or if you don’t want to bother, you can order through the online shop.

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