The latest price for a quality 240gb SSD from Kingston -
29 May 2023

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The latest price for a quality 240gb SSD from Kingston

SSD KINGSTON HYPER X SAVAGE 240GB, Price 1.6 million

Even for the high-end user segment, SSDs with a SaTa interface are still an option. that is what kingston believes when presenting Hyperx savage which is the successor of Hyperx 3k. These new ssDs are at the mid-tier in terms of performance in the Hyperx SSD line. Hyperx Savage targets users who want to upgrade from Hyperx Fury but are unable to own the Hyperx Predator which is based on the PCie interface.

Unlike its predecessor, which used the sandForce controller, Hyperx savage now features one of the fastest controllers to date, the Phison Ps3110-s10. the controller features four processing cores and an eight-channel controller that excels in sequential write speed compared to the sandForce controller. The Phison s10 controller is in charge of managing read and write activity to Toshiba’s a19 64gbit mlC NaND flash chip. There are 16 flash chips with a capacity of 16 GB each, making a total of 256 GB available.

240gb ssd

However, for consistent performance through over provisioning, the written capacity is 240 GB. after formatting, the capacity becomes around 223 GB. as a superior product, Hyperx savage comes with added value through an upgrade kit in a purchase bundle that contains accessories to simplify the upgrade and installation process. It includes a UsB 3.0 external enclosure, Acronis True Image HD software, a SATA cable, a 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch adapter, screws, a 7mm to 9.5mm adapter and a screwdriver.

For Acronis’ cloning software, you must download it because it only provides a serial number. we really appreciate the screwdriver bundle that comes with metal material and two screwdriver bits. according to kingston’s claim, Hyperx savage has sequential read and write speeds reaching 560 mB/s and 530 mB/s respectively.

However, in our tests using as SSD Benchmark 1.7, Hyperx Savage recorded a sequential speed of 525 mB/sec and 503 mB/sec for read and write respectively. In a way, Hyperx savage is able to align itself with high-performance SSDs in its class and penetrate sequential read and write speeds above 500 mB/sec. In testing using CrystalDiskmark 3.0.4, Hyperx savage managed to achieve sequential read and write speeds of 523 mB/sec and 515 mB/sec, respectively.

High read performance in both tests demonstrates the superiority of the Phison s10 controller. Gamers will appreciate it because they don’t have to wait for the loading process to take longer. middle class does not mean without spurs, Hyperx savage can prove it. considering its performance, Hyperx savage can be an attractive choice for those of you who are still loyal to the saTa interface. The upgrade kit bundle can also be a great tool for flexibility and ease of the upgrade process.

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