The Best Android Simulation Game -
4 June 2023

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The Best Android Simulation Game

Own Kingdom, Free Cool Simulation Game For Android

Own Kingdom is an exciting and interesting strategy game. In this game, you will play the role of a princess who is tasked with reclaiming the kingdom from the hands of the enemy. The trick is to place three types of troops, namely mage, archer, and warrior in their respective places. Warrior troops must be placed on the ground, while mages and archers must be placed in buildings called barracks in this game. Not much different from most other strategy games, when you start a war, players will get a certain amount of money that can be used to buy the three troops


The prices for these three troops vary, starting from the cheapest warrior and the most expensive mage. So, players must be smart – clever use of these limited resources to fight attacks that come in waves. As a royal princess, the player’s role is not only in charge of managing the three troops, but also has several super abilities such as bringing meteor showers, driving away approaching opponents. , and several other abilities. This ability is really needed because the strength of the troops is sometimes not balanced with the strength of the opponent who is too big

Before an attack is over, there will often be a signal indicating that in a few seconds the next wave of attacks will come. If the player taps that mark, then the next wave will come right away. Sometimes this can be used as an advantage because it allows players to get additional coins. Those coins can be used to upgrade each troop. From killing enemies, actually players will also get coins. But the faster the player calls the next wave instantly, the bigger the additional coins will get

But the negative effect is that the player can be overwhelmed by the barrage of attacks. If the player is not ready, your defense can collapse. For him, help will come after the player has passed the first two levels with the presence of a hero. The hero will serve on land like a warrior. However, this hero has other abilities that are reliable enough to destroy enemies that come together on land with just one slash. For the next level, the player will always be assisted by this hero

One of the advantages of this Own Kingdom game is that there is an in-depth upgrade system for each type of troop and added several troop classes. For example, warrior troops can branch out into warriors or knights. From there the troops can become barbarians or holy knights. All of these troop level divisions also apply to mage and archer troops. Players will also get an extensive upgrade system by utilizing the stars that are obtained every time they complete a level. These upgrades, for example, increase damage to troops, increase princess abilities, and reduce the spawn time for each player and hero issuing super abilities


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