The Best Android Ac TV Remote Application 2017 -
4 June 2023

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The Best Android Ac TV Remote Application 2017

The 3 Best Android TV Remote Applications

The remote application does seem like something simple. But at certain times, this application is very important. For example, when you are at home and want to relax while watching TV, at least you don’t have to bother using the remote to control the TV at home because you can use the smartphone that is already in your hand. The existence of this remote application is also very helpful, especially when the existing TV remote is damaged or lost so you don’t have to move it manually from live TV. The following are some of the best Android TV remote applications that can be used as references

Assuming Direct Control

This one application allows users to turn a smartphone into a remote. Almost all household appliances can be controlled with this remote application, including TVs. Even Assuming Direct Control can also control your PC desktop

Google TV Remote

This application allows users to turn their smartphone into a remote for the Google TV box. This application can also be enabled for navigation when browsing. So with this application, a smartphone can also be used as a keyboard

google tv remote

Smart IR Remote

For those of you who are looking for an All in one Remote and don’t depend on the brand, this application can be a good choice. You can use the infrared feature on your smartphone to be able to use this application. Apart from TVs, this application can also control DVD players, set top boxes, and other devices that use infrared

smart remote tv

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