The Best 4k Camcorder Prices Right Now -
29 May 2023

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The Best 4k Camcorder Prices Right Now

Recently, Panasonic has successfully launched the Lumix 4K DMC GH4 DSLM in Indonesia. This time they are here again by launching the latest camcorder for actors in the world of film via Panasonic HC-X1000 camcorders. This Panasonic camcorder is supported by 4K technology

Panasonic really understands that 4K digital imaging products are still quite rare and much needed by filmmakers. Therefore, Panasonic also decided to commit to presenting quality camcorder product solutions to provide added value to consumers through high-resolution and sharp images as the core of 4K technology.


To provide good and smooth 60p/50p image results, the latest camcorder from Panasonic is supported by the ability to record video in 4K and Cinema 4K formats. 4K format offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 while Cinema 4K offers a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160

The HC-X1000 Campcorder comes with a lightweight and compact body design making it easy to carry anywhere. Although the shape is concise, this latest camcorder offers many advantages that are ready to satisfy its users. One of these advantages is the support for Leica Diomar lenses. The lens is capable of providing smooth shadows and sharp resolution

The latest ½ 3 BSI sensor has also been embedded to reduce distortion and increase the speed of capturing images when taking moving pictures. Another interesting feature is the support for Crystal Engine Pro 4K which is accurate and can process large volume images and support for optical magnification up to 20 K with a 4 Drive lens system.

In addition, this latest Panasonic camcorder is also able to accommodate the needs of professionals. This product offers convenience for its users to save video results in a wide selection of formats such as MOV, AVCHD, and high-resolution MP4. To provide convenience in sharing video results, this camcorder is also equipped with a WiFi feature j data transmission can be done wirelessly

Not only that, the HC-X1000 camcorder is also supported with triple Manual Rings. This feature works to make it easier to change the video recording speed and camera intuition. The Illuminating LED Ring feature on this camcorder can be used to expedite the shooting process. To provide convenience for its users, Panasonic has embedded a Tittable Viewfinder with Eyecup

The ND Filter feature makes it easy for users to adjust the height of light exposure and the environment. If the user wants to use a mic or connect this camcorder to another recording device, Panasonic has provided a 2 channel XLR Audio Input Terminal. Based on information circulating, the latest HC-X1000 camcorder from Panasonic will begin being marketed in Indonesia in December and will be priced at around Rp. 42.3 million.

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