Status WA Confused | Short FB Status, Confused, Heavy, Cool for Boyfriend -
29 May 2023

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Status WA Confused | Short FB Status, Confused, Heavy, Cool for Boyfriend

Confused and upset are usually inseparable, when we are upset because it is caused by the attitude of a boyfriend or friend who suddenly changes, is not as good as before and his attention starts to fade of course sometimes we like to be upset alone especially when we see the status of the boyfriend’s WhatsApp upset on social media like Instagram, BBM or WA. There are many ways to express feelings of ups and downs, one of which is by making a WhatsApp status of ups and downs for your girlfriend so that later the boyfriend can understand you better and can love you even more.

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Confused WA status

For those who are still confused about wanting to write an upset and upset status on WhatsApp, here are some options for an upset status for WhatsApp that you can write.

This longing that I feel has never known a place. Because even at the end of the world, I will always miss you, miss your smile.

Trying to admire someone new is a powerful weapon to forget someone in the past.

Just don’t reply to SMS, let alone feelings of love.

You’re not a mathematician but why did I never understand the formula to get you huh…

You only give me the opportunity to know you but not to have you

Better LDR but feels closer than close but feels like LDR

Confused WA status

One day I will stop loving you, but not because I hate you, but because the person I love is happier without me by his side.

Go to the station, you will understand that a train that has left cannot return.

You yourself know, I’m a far from romantic attitude

Assembling upstream, swimming to the shore, he said he wanted to take him to the prince, only to find out he was back with his ex…

You’re already sweet, as long as you don’t get cold like that, you’ll beat it with fruit soup, you know…

If only erasing your tracks, it’s as easy as deleting your contacts on my phone

I don’t know who’s wrong, I’m too hopeful or you are too indifferent

JEALOUS, hard to explain, hard to say, but you can feel it

Move On is not seen from how quickly we get new things, but how far we can move away from past memories.

Some people are actually not afraid of breaking up, just afraid that they won’t have a replacement, afraid that no one will pay attention

Matchmaking doesn’t go anywhere, but rivals are everywhere

Confused WA status

Ready to play love, get ready to be upset!

Trying to smile when my heart hurts because I’m far from you is not easy for me.

If that’s not enough, there’s nothing wrong with downloading and installing an application called Cool Status Update for Android from the Google Play Store which will help you find various kinds of statuses that are suitable for writing on WhatsApp, especially statuses that mean upset and upset.


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