Smartphone Application Recommendations for Diet -
29 May 2023

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Smartphone Application for Diet

Slim and fit with these 3 applications

Healthy living does not always have to run around the field until you are dehydrated. Healthy living is setting a strategy for eating and activity patterns that still support your fitness. Using a smartphone is one of them. But using a smartphone here doesn’t mean you have to be engrossed in browsing or social networking, but rather that you’re using an application that can support your health. In the Tips and Tricks rubric this time, we will highlight diet. Yes, diet does sound so sensitive for people who are overweight. But calm down, some applications that are present on smartphone devices can actually help you lose weight, you know! What are the applications? Check out the healthy tips that we will present to help you slimmer by using these applications.

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  • Keep a Diet journal with the Lifesum app

Diet doesn’t mean you have to carelessly reduce your diet, or even don’t eat at all. In order for your diet to be more settled, make sure you have prepared a diet journal so that it can help your diet program run smoothly. Using Lifesum is a suitable alternative for those of you who want their diet program to be more organized. Lifesum is an application made by a developer from Sweden which has basic functions to help you create a diet journal by tracking your activities, food consumed, and daily intake. The method is very easy, all you have to do is set the goals you want to achieve, namely Be Healthier, Gain Weight, and Lose Weight. After that, you will see a series of calories consumed per day.


  • Take Care of Your Weight with Noom Coach

If your diet program is successful and your weight is ideal, don’t be happy just yet. The struggle is not over. At this stage, you must struggle to keep your weight stable and not fluctuating. Take advantage of Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan, which can maintain your ideal body weight. Noom Coach has many features to be able to know the number of calories in each food. In fact, various types of food are already on the list. In addition, this application can measure the number of steps you take per day, and is also able to set a user’s weight loss target.


  • Still feeling heavy? Try the Lose It app!

Lose It is actually an application with various features that can help you get the weight you want. There is a database of food and activities that have been done, ranging from healthy food recipes, and can also check your nutritional adequacy. In fact, this application can also be accessed without having to use an internet connection, making it easier for you anywhere and anytime to check health updates through this application. Loose It! can also function like a food journal that is consumed daily, and can classify what is consumed and done. There is a graph of the progress of the target that you set, as well as a Friends feature to see friends’ progress and feel more motivated to live a healthy life.

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