Samsung’s Lag-Free 1 Million Quadcore Tablet -
4 June 2023

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Samsung’s Lag-Free 1 Million Quadcore Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V 7.0 T116NU

Gadget products made by Samsung are still the prima donna for gadget fans, both smartphones and tablets. Apart from that, Samsung itself is also trying to accommodate the needs of consumers in all segments, starting from the entry level segment to the upper class. One of the tablet devices made by Samsung that is priced at an affordable price is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V 7.0 T116NU. This tablet targets users in the lower class segment

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V 7.0

Interestingly, this tablet is equipped with the ability to send SMS and make phone calls. For its own performance, this cheap tablet from Samsung is quite capable with the support of a four-core processor. For the price itself, this tablet is priced at around Rp. 1.6 million. So what are the specs offered by this Samsung tablet?

Comes with a design that is unique to the Galaxy series, this Tab 3V tablet comes with a choice of black and white colors. The bezel resembles aluminum material which gives an elegant impression. For its own weight, this 7 inch tablet comes with a fairly light weight and is still comfortable to carry everywhere

As the name implies, the screen size embedded in this Samsung tablet is relatively small because it is only equipped with a 7-inch screen. The screen offers standard quality with a resolution of 720p HD or 1280 x 720 pixels. The density level of the screen owned by this tablet is also low because it only reaches 170 ppi. The result is that the quality of the screen display is less detailed and clear. The operating system that is run by this Samsung tablet still uses Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.


In the kitchen sector, this Samsung tablet relies on a quad-core processor with a clock speed of up to 1.3 GHz. Luckily this processor is supported by 1 GB of RAM memory so that this tablet is good enough for multitasking needs or when running heavy games. To meet the storage needs of its users, this tablet is equipped with an internal storage space of 8 GB

The battery capacity pinned by Samsung for this third generation tablet is quite large for a tablet with a 7 inch screen. The battery has a capacity of 3600 mAh. With this capacity, the usage time offered by this tablet is long enough in just one battery charge

Considering that this tablet is intended for the entry-level segment, we also can’t expect much for the camera features. This tablet is equipped with two cameras. On the back there is a main camera with a resolution of 2 MP. Meanwhile, on the front of this tablet, there is also a camera with the same resolution, namely 2 MP, to accommodate the needs of selfies or video calls.

This tablet with a 7 inch screen is priced at a fairly low price, which is only 1.6 million. You can buy this tablet on the site In offered at a price of 1.6 million, from the initial price of 1.8 million rupiah

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 v 7 inch

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