Recommended Best Mirrorless Camera Price 8 Million -
29 May 2023

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Recommended Best Mirrorless Camera Price 8 Million, FUJIFILM X-A2,

The X-A2 appears identical to its predecessor, the X-A1. The difference is only visible on the LCD screen on the back. The X-A2’s screen can be tilted up to 180 degrees for easy selfie shooting. This camera is not equipped with a viewfinder, instead you can take advantage of the integrated Wi-Fi to view images that will be captured via a connected smart device. When the screen is folded upwards, the camera automatically activates selfie mode, using eye and face detection to ensure proper focus on the object. The Cheapest iPhone Price 2018 Official iBox Indonesian Distributor

However, the LCD panel is not equipped with touch capabilities, meaning that changing the focus point is a little difficult because it can only be accessed via the directional buttons on the back. The X-A2 also offers a Portrait Enhancer mode, helping you soften and brighten the skin of objects in selfie photos. Eye Detect autofocus works well when it detects the location of the eye, but it’s a little slow to make adjustments when the object turns its face away from the camera. So we recommend taking advantage of this feature when photographing objects that already know the desired pose. Price of the Best Cheap Pocket Digital Camera Canon Sony Nikon

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The X-A2 is still equipped with two buttons that help control manual settings better, but without the X-Trans sensor. Instead, Fujifilm buried the “Classic Chrome” film simulation mode, with colors close to that of the flagship X-series. Paired with the XC16-50mm II f/3.5-5.6 OIS kit lens, holding the X-A2 remains comfortable, with better manual focus. And because it’s wired, you can also change the focus direction via the settings menu, making it easier for users used to other systems. The shooting experience provided by the X-A2 is hassle-free. Focus is fast, but not always accurate when using Multi Autofocus mode. We prefer using area mode because it allows you to select the focus point. While not as convenient as with a touch screen, the sub-control dial lets you adjust the AF Focus frame size to make it more accurate.

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Even though it is not supported by the X-Trans sensor, the APS-C CMOS X-A2 sensor is able to present photos with good detail and color. However, the photo is slightly bluish, so you will need to do some correction afterwards. This camera appears unsatisfactory in outdoor shooting, while in indoor shooting, the exposure it presents is accurate. This may be caused by the exposure algorithm which tends to be less strong in natural light so that the photos are slightly underexposed.

Overall, the X-A2 is competent enough to meet the needs of early-stage users who are starting to venture into the realm of interchangeable-lens cameras. At a relatively affordable price, the larger APS-C sensor that offers a good balance of control and user-friendliness in terms of scene modes and filters is hard to ignore.

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