Recognize the Benefits of Cucumber Suri for Body Health and Tips for Choosing It -
4 June 2023

Benefits of Suri Cucumber – Friends, are you familiar with cucumber suri and the benefits of cucumber suri? if you don’t know it yet, it’s a good idea to read this article to the end.

The fruit that is always suddenly famous in the month of Ramadan is now being processed more and more because of its abundant benefits. Well, for that you also don’t miss it. Let’s get to know the real cucumber is not this cucumber.

Getting to Know Timun Suri Deeper

Before discussing the benefits of cucumber suri, we will first look at the classification of this cucumber suri. Even though the name is cucumber suri, this fruit is actually not a cucumber.

He’s not even a type of cucumis sativus. You will also agree if you consider the morphology and cytology.

In terms of plant morphology, it is more like a melon plant. This is because cucumber suri is still in the same family as melon.

This fruit with another name barteh belongs to the cucurbitaceae or gourd. The Latin name for this fruit is Cuculis Mel L. Var reticulatus Naudin.

In scientific classification, cucumber suri can be explained as follows.

Latin name: Cucumis Mel L. Var reticulatus Naudin

Common Name: Chinese Hami Melon

Kingdom : Plantae

Subclandom : Tracheobionta

Super division : Spermatophyta/seed plants

Division : Mognoliphyta

Classis : Magnoliopsida

Subclassis : Dilenidae

Order: Violales

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Genus : Cucumis L./Melon

Species : Cucumis Mel L. Bar reticulatus Naudin

These are the Benefits of Cucumber Suri for Body Health

This fruit that actually exists throughout the season is known to have many benefits. Among the benefits of cucumber suri are as follows.

Digestive health

The first benefit of cucumber suri is as a fruit rich in fiber, of course this fruit will improve digestion.

In addition, fiber also plays a role in detoxification or removing toxins from the body through feces and urine.

In addition, the fiber of cucumber suri is claimed to be able to bind fat in the intestine so that later it can be excreted with the feces.

Increase body immunity

Cucumber suri is very useful because this fruit is known to contain lots of vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin A. The content of these vitamins will be useful in counteracting various foreign materials that interfere with the body’s health.

In addition to removing free radicals, this fruit will repair damaged skin tissue or body cells using vitamin C as a booster for collagen production.

Then don’t forget about vitamin A which affects the health of our eyes.

Stabilize blood pressure

Barteh cucumber which contains potassium or potassium and magnesium. With these ingredients, the benefits of cucumber suri can be to keep blood pressure in a normal position.

Maintain joint health

The silica compound found in this fruit will strengthen the connective tissue so that the joints and bones become stronger and healthier.

Prevent cancer

In cucumber suri there are saponin compounds. This compound is a natural antioxidant that is anti-cancer cells.

Prevent heart disease

Research proves that in cucumber suri there is linoleic acid. These acids reduce fat in the heart for energy sources.

Thirst quencher

The last benefit of cucumber suri, of course, is as a thirst quencher. Especially if this fruit is freshly picked Right? In fact, 90% of cucumber suri is water.

This is what makes this fruit suddenly famous when Ramadan arrives. In fact, the time of fruiting does not know the season or is there all year round in tropical lands.

Tips for choosing cucumber suri

To get the benefits of its contents, there are some tips for you to get cucumber suri with good quality and optimal benefits, as follows.

Choose one that is cracked but in good condition.

The most delicious cucumber suri fruit to eat is of course the old age. Well, the ripeness when harvested is indicated by the presence of cracks in the skin. However, of course, choose one that is still clean and not cracked because it fell.

Choose a sweet scent.

Old cucumber suri will emit a distinctive sweet aroma. However, choose one with a mild sweet aroma because actually cucumber suri carbite will also give off an almost similar aroma.

If you are used to picking melons, maybe this won’t be difficult. A good cucumber suri is the same as a good melon.

Do not rely on the skin.

The mistake many people make for poor quality cucumber fruit is to be tempted by clean, yellow skin, and so on. In fact, the shape and color of the skin can not be used as a benchmark.

Just choose a cucumber that weighs according to the shape, and has a sweet, fresh scent. Maybe that’s the crunchy cucumber suri not mushy.

You also don’t have to choose a cucumber that is too big. the large size of the cucumber suri sometimes actually gives a bad quality to the texture of the meat.

In addition, you should spend the entire fruit in one process. This fruit is quite easy to wilt if it has been split and stored for a long time.

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Well, friends, that was a brief review of cucumber suri or barteh and the benefits of cucumber suri. For those of you who are looking for unique preparations of healthy fruit, maybe this fruit is the answer. Happy creative with healthy food, friends!

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