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29 May 2023

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Pantun Learning Advice | This is an example of a study advice rhyme – Pantun is a type of old poetry in which each stanza consists of four lines and has a sampiran and content.

In general, pantun has a characteristic where each stanza consists of four lines. Second, pantun has four to twelve syllables in each line. Pantun also contains sampiran and the contents and rhythm of abab.

Apart from having the above characteristics, Pantun Advice for Learning also has different types. The types of rhymes include limericks, rhymes for study advice, rhymes for religion, rhymes for riddles, rhymes for affection, and rhymes for children or other types of rhymes.

Study Advice Pantun

Pantun Advice for Learning to Motivate Children

The following below are some examples of rhymes for learning advice for children that might provide motivation for children, including the following:

1. Honey Water in a Glass. Study Advice Pantun

Honey water in a glass
Eat cake with cheese
The intention to study must be sincere
Allah sells the destination

2. Kancil Runs to the Plains. Study Advice Pantun

Kancil ran to the flat field
The lion came running to teach
If you want smart
Study diligently

3. Go around by trishaw. Study Advice Pantun

Go around town by trishaw
Even though it’s not boring for a long time
You read a lot
Reading is the basis of knowledge

4. Bamboo is Strong for Chairs.

Bamboo is strong for chairs
Bamboo for kites
If we have many achievements
Father and mother love even more

5. Rows of Rocky Hills.

Hill lined rocky hills
Go sailing in search of diamonds
Don’t stop seeking knowledge
So that your life is bright in the future

6. Go fishing at dawn

Go fishing at dawn
Come home with fish
If we study hard
We will be successful in the future

7. Exciting vacation to the city of Blitar

Exciting vacation to the city of Blitar
Don’t want to go home in a hurry
If you’re a smart kid
So be proud of your parents

8. Sparrows drink starch

Sparrows drink starch
Looking for food at noon
Pretty boy must be diligent
If he learns his heart is cheerful

9. Small children play with stones

Little boy playing rock
Stones were thrown into the well
Learn without knowledge
Don’t know the age

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10. Go west with the nets

Go west with the nets
The net is caught by a stingray
Knowledge is brought to old age
So services after death

One running one chasing
Don’t forget to spin around
Respect teacher is pursuing
I’m sure you’re smart

11. Small children playing in the background

Small children playing in the background
The background is planted with daffodils
Since childhood diligent study
In old age must be lucky

12. White rice in burlap

White rice in burlap
Stingray tail length
Be brave boy
Show rank and potential

13. Ride the delman to the south

Ride the delman to the south
Stop for a while at the embankment
Seek knowledge do not be bored
So that the future will be bright

14. Kweni mango fruit. Study Advice Pantun

Kweni mango fruit
Cooked with breadfruit
This is great my son
Never mind, the person is diligent

15. If you meet a panda.

If you meet a panda
The fur is like foam
If you joke a lot
Lack of knowledge is not good at all

16. High clouds are white.

High white clouds
It looks like a squirrel’s head
After understanding try to practice
So that you become smart

17. Swim to Aru island. Study Advice Pantun

Swim to Aru island
Stop for a while at the pier
If you like to seek knowledge
Must be victorious in old age

Those are some lines of study advice rhymes for children’s motivation that I can give to you and hopefully can provide a little motivation and enlightenment for children to be more active in seeking knowledge.

Conclusion Pantun Advice for Learning

Pantun Advice Learning is an old form of poetry that originates from the Malay culture. Pantun has a certain structure and aims to express the feelings and thoughts of the writer. Pantun usually consists of 4 lines, with the same number of syllables in each line. Each line has a specific meaning and is usually formed using a metaphor or symbol.

Example of rhyme:

Roses bloom in the garden Beautifully decorates the heart Beautiful and fragrant smells alluring Adds to the beauty of this life

This Learning Advice Pantun describes the beauty of roses that bloom in the garden and bring happiness to the heart. The smell is fragrant and beautiful alluring, like adding to the beauty of life.

Falling shoulder-length hair Dancing in the gentle breeze Adds to the beauty of your face Like a bright morning dew

This rhyme describes the beauty of long hair that falls to the shoulders and dances in the gentle breeze. This long hair adds beauty to the face, like bright morning dew.

Pantun has a deep meaning and expresses hidden feelings. The beauty of the language and the symbolic meaning contained in the pantun makes this poem still popular today. Many people still use poetry as a form of expression in their lives.

Pantun is a form of traditional poetry that is very beautiful and expresses feelings well. The beauty of the language and the symbolic meaning contained in the pantun makes this poem still popular today and has become an important part of Malay culture.


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