Normal Fetal Heartbeat -
29 May 2023

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Normal Fetal Heartbeat– When pregnancy is present, the desire to hear the fetal heartbeat is a definite wish. With a pounding feeling and worry about the hope to be able to really feel the presence of the baby.

Because this is a good sign that the baby has grown and developed according to the expectations of the parents.

Some years ago, maybe the best way to find out the heartbeat in the womb could only be done by a doctor. The tools are also limited, because it can only be done with a stethoscope to find out.

However, now the existing technological developments make the heartbeat can be known very easily.

How to hear the fetal heart rate early at home

Tools that have been developed and are very sophisticated make the heartbeat of the womb can be known early. Even parents can easily know and hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

So it is very likely that parents will be able to hear the fetal heartbeat at an age where it can be predicted when they can hear it.

The development of the fetus in the womb can be predicted and followed by its stages. Following developments can be done from 2 weeks of pregnancy starting from two days after menstruation.

Even the time of the last menstruation can be part of pregnancy. It is very difficult to calculate, especially when usually there are no signs of pregnancy at that time.

If you look at the process, it is likely that the formation of the baby’s heart begins in the fifth week after pregnancy. More precisely in the third week after fertilization.

Normal Fetal Heartbeat

The heart will develop along with the brain and spinal cord. From here then after the time of stepping on the 23rd day after conception, to be precise in the middle of the fifth week. Can know the heart rate.

However, the scale of heartbeats is so small. Resembling a small wave but very clearly audible.

When checking is done using sophisticated medical equipment, the heartbeat of the fetus can be heard very clearly. You can prove yourself the heartbeat of the baby in your womb.

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When Can Time Hear His Heartbeat Clearly?

If you want to hear it very clearly, then wait for the sixth week of the mother’s gestation. It is during this period that there will be an increase in the fetal heart rate.

If you do an early fetal examination (USG). Although not all fetal development is unpredictable. So it could be that you can’t hear the beat in the sixth week.

So when you are in the 12th week, it is certain that the heartbeat and any sound will be heard very clearly. If you want to know very accurately, you can use 2 methods.

The first is the obstetric ultrasound method or a sonogram. Both are methods that are usually used by doctors.

Especially for ultrasound, the doctor or midwife can definitely see the heartbeat of the baby. Even besides that, it can be used to see the age of the fetus and its size.

In addition, it can be seen clearly whether there are problems with the pregnancy and the possibility of seeing the sex of the baby and the results of twins as well. Actually there are other ways that can be done by those of you who want to hear the fetal heartbeat.

If you’ve ever heard of fetal Doppler. Through this, the doctor can also detect the baby’s heartbeat. However, it can usually be used in pregnancy that has stepped on the 10th week.

However, most of the experience that has been done. The beat will be seen with certainty when it is in the 12th week.

Fetal Doppler is an ultrasound tool that looks mini. Used to be able to find the fetal heart rate.

How to do this by placing it on the pregnant stomach and then moving it until you can detect the fetal heart rate. The tool will make the beat louder and the little one’s parents can listen to it.

However, it has been said that there are other factors that can also influence it. Where you may not be able to listen to it. Because there are factors such as the position of the uterus, the location of the fetus and whether the age of the pregnancy is accurate or not.


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