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29 May 2023

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Germany’s nickname – There must be nicknames or designations for every country, for example for our country Indonesia is called a maritime country, because most of Indonesia’s territory is sea.

Also known as an archipelagic country, because Indonesia’s territory is divided into 5 large islands and thousands of small islands, and there are many other nicknames for Indonesia, then what about Germany?

There are quite a lot of nicknames for countries, for example, Nazi countries, industrial countries, ontime countries, panzer countries, romantic countries and so on. But what we will talk about here are only 3 nicknames, namely the nickname of Germany which is the most worldwide.

1. Industrial Country

Germany has always been a country with the most and the largest industries. From the time of World War II they survived even though they had dropped dramatically, but even so they still maintained their nickname as an industrial country.

The largest and most famous industry there is the automotive industry. Motorcycle industry, cars, even planes. But the most global is the industry for cars.

Because it is proven by the many cars made in Germany that are worldwide, from the lowest type to the highest class, they are very calculated in the world. For Indonesia itself to be one of the countries that buy the most products from Germany.

And indeed every year they always innovate to release the latest products that make the world admire the results of the German automotive industry, and for quite a long time they will definitely still hold the nickname of the industrialized country.

Nickname of Germany

2. The Nazi State

The nickname of this country is also called a Nazi country because it remembers being led by Adolf Hitler. What created chaos in Germany which resulted in a collapsing economy, threatened the security of the people, especially for the Jews, who at that time were being massacred in barbaric ways.

This became a dark history for the German state, during Adolf Hitler’s leadership, and it was quite traumatic for the people, and that is why the nickname of the German state as a Nazi country, with a government system that was very different from the previous year, but changed after Adolf Hitler removed from his post.

3. Romantic Country

This title is given to Germany because every street in Germany we will find castles, castles with unique architecture that make a romantic impression on anyone who passes through it, especially for newcomers to Germany. You will feel like you are greeted romantically with these castles.

4. Country Panzer Football Team

Not only that, Germany is a country with quite extensive plantations, so it’s not surprising that all the roads we pass are plantations. The plantations there are clearly different from those in our country, with their sophisticated tools that make the plantations look neat and give a romantic impression.

That’s all for the 4 nicknames of the most global German country, I hope this is useful and adds to your insight about Germany.


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