List of the Best Android IOS Recipe Applications for Breaking the Fast -
29 May 2023

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List of the Best Android IOS Recipe Applications for Breaking the Fast

The holidays have come, the holidays have come, my heart is happy… Yes, in the not too distant future, the long school holidays and Eid Al-Fitr will be here soon. No plans yet to fill this year’s holiday season with sightseeing to various destinations? Take it easy, actually there are many simple activities at home that can make your vacation more enjoyable, cooking, for example. Cooking is a fun activity, and you will be required to utilize all of your senses, from sight, taste, to smell. Cooking also tests your creativity in processing food. If you have wild fantasies about food, you can try making it yourself or with your wife. Or do you want to try interesting recipes that you have never heard of before? In today’s digital era, it turns out that cooking is even more fun by peeking at various interesting recipes on smartphone or tablet PC applications that are widely available on mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, to Windows Phone. So, take a look at a series of interesting cooking apps that you deserve to try below. There are also diets, you know!

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Kitchen Stories, Recommended Cooking Apps, for Android & IOS

For those of you who are culinary enthusiasts and are confused about what to cook for iftar or pre-dawn meals, the Kitchen Stories application can be a great alternative for those of you who need a complete guide from AZ regarding what food recipes are needed. This application carries the concept of “All-in-one”. where you don’t just sit back and watch videos of making the desired food recipe. Here you can see how-to videos that teach you the basics of cooking and kitchen science, and you can also make your own recipes and share them with your friends via this app. Kitchen Stories is a culinary application that is arguably different from other applications. Not only do you complement the interface design which is so interactive and attractive, the list of food served is also varied.

kitchen Stories

Starting from baking food, western food, eastern, fusion, dessert, and many more. Yummy! What makes this application unique is that if you take one of the recipes presented in this application, you will be presented with a recipe that is so unique and not boring to look at. All you have to do is scroll down to continue to see the process of cooking the recipe until it’s finished and you can even immediately see the video that is inserted simultaneously.


YOU are good at cooking, cooking business, or just a hobby of cooking? If so, don’t miss this one application. Cookpad is an application that allows users to share food recipes with other Cookpad users. So Cookpad is similar to Facebook, but specifically for sharing cooking recipes. With Cookpad, users can search for a variety of available recipes. Amazingly, Cookpad supports the use of Indonesian and Indonesian special recipes. The recipes available are not only “heavy” ones, but also traditional foods, cakes, snacks and drinks. Recipes displayed on Cookpad are divided into several categories to make it easier for users to find them. In addition, the search facility is still provided. Cookpad also has the facility to search for new recipes based on location, utilizing the GPS feature on the gadget. There is also a chat facility so that users can discuss how to improve the quality of their cooking.

Delicious dish

This free application presents a variety of interesting menus that will whet your appetite, from heavy meals to cakes for snacking. Not only recipes, Sajian Sedap also features the right cooking tips. Best of all, you can save recipes and tips, so they can be accessed offline anytime. No less interesting, cooking tutorial videos are also available from the and portals. Presented at least 20 thousand recipes that you can try with ingredients that are easy to find. There is also a search feature that will make it easier for you to find your ideal recipe. Serving Sedap is also complemented by food categories, such as vegetables, meat, accompaniments, and drinks. What’s more, you can share your favorite menu with friends or family via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Instagram, path and others.

Link :

Pros: There are 20 thousand recipes available, accessible offline

Disadvantages: Requires a good internet connection. Less stable when opening the Popular and Kitchen Story Sub Menus because of frequent errors.

Delicious Dishes 2

Delicious dish

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a cooking application that supports 40,000 recipes uploaded by users from around the world. What’s interesting, this application has a scanner feature that will make it easier for you to cook. Simply activate the scanner feature in this application, then point your Android phone’s camera at the cooking ingredients that you have prepared. The scanner feature will then search for recipes using these ingredients in the Allrecipes database. com. Easy isn’t it? Not only that, through this application you can also upload your cooking recipes to share.

Playstore link:

Pros: There is a scanner feature to scan food ingredients

Disadvantages: No dessert recipes available, Recipes in English

android recipe application

Healthy Recipes SparkRecipes

Are you running a diet program? It doesn’t matter, you can still enjoy a variety of delicious dishes without fear of failing the diet program that is already running. The Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipes application provides thousands of healthy recipes that you can cook yourself at home. This application also provides information on calorie content, fat, and other information to suit your dietary needs. Choose the recipe, cook the food yourself, and enjoy being healthy.

Playstore link:

Pros: There is information on the number of calories and the length of time to cook

Disadvantages: Applications often force close, Recipes are in English, but easy to understand

healthy recipes

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