Latest Asus Laptop / Netbook Price List -
29 May 2023

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Latest Asus Laptop / Netbook Price List

Asus is a Taiwanese brand that has been marketing its products in Indonesia for a long time. Asus products are pretty much starting from Laptops, Netbooks, Smartphones, Tablets, LCDs. in Indonesia, Asus products, especially laptops / netbooks, are quite popular because of their affordable prices, high specifications, and a longer warranty, which is up to 2 years, Asus service centers are also spread in many places in Indonesia, so users don’t have to worry anymore about warranty claim issues. .

This time will provide a price list for the latest Asus laptops / netbooks up to 2016. This price list is sourced from the site where the site is a site that contains a collection of fairly updated gadget prices.

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  • Price List for Asus Netbooks Screen Size 10 – 11.9 inches

This 10-12 inch screen size netbook is an option for users who want a lightweight netbook, but with computing functions that are not inferior to laptops.

asus laptop price

asus laptop 2 price

  • Asus Laptop Price List Screen Size 12 – 14 inch

Laptops with a size of 12 to 14 inches generally have tough specifications. Users can use it for many mobile needs such as office needs, college assignments, entertainment and others.

asus 3 laptop price asus 4 laptop price asus 5 laptop price asus 6 laptop price asus 7 laptop price asus 8 laptop price asus 9 laptop price

  • Prices for Asus Laptops Size 14 inch – 16 inch

Laptops with screen sizes of 14 inches – 16 inches usually have varying specifications, from for ordinary computing purposes to even gaming needs.

asus 10 laptop price asus 11 laptop price asus 12 laptop price asus 13 laptop price asus 14 laptop price asus 15 laptop price asus 16 laptop price asus 17 laptop price asus 18 laptop price asus 19 laptop price

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