In the Northeast, Asmara Comes Faster -
29 May 2023

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In the Northeast, Asmara Comes Faster

Welcome to 2017. This period of time entitled Fire Rooster in the Chinese calendar system provides peace of mind in establishing interpersonal relationships. Especially in a romantic relationship. The energy movement in the year of the Fire Rooster is better than that of the Fire Monkey in 2016, which tends to be less reassuring. In the Year of the Fire Monkey, the Yang element with the big metal element marks a new spirit in various sectors to recover. Whereas the Fire Rooster is of the Yin element with this minor metal element, marking accomplishments in the past that we can now enjoy soon.

All the effort and hard work, success and enjoyment will come immediately in this Year of the Fire Rooster. For example on a global scale, development and infrastructure, for example, in the year of the Fire Rooster we can enjoy the results of the hard work that has been worked out throughout 2016. We can use feng shui practices to help harmonize energy and the environment around us. The goal is to increase the prosperity of life. This feng shui practice can be applied to residential, home or office settings. “Therefore, it is important for us to know the dynamics of energy in important feng shui locations,” said Erwin Yap, a practitioner of feng shui and face reading. Because we need to weaken negative energy while increasing positive energy in the house so that the quality of life in 2017 will be more prosperous.

Romance flower energy In the Year of the Fire Rooster this is the right time for you to plan a pregnancy. Because the energy of romance will envelop our lives throughout the year of the Fire Rooster. So, for those of you who are looking for a mate and want to feel the warmth and tranquility of romance, the year of the Fire Rooster is also the right time to get one. “This year, the more energy the love interest has, the more people will get married statistically,” said Erwin. Lucky for those of you who have romance in your date of birth. The reason is, the romance flower in the date of birth plus the year of “romance flower” in the Year of the Fire Rooster, will make this energy show more and more. Especially if there is a lot of absorbing energy in the Northeast direction.

Most likely romance will come sooner in your life. Regarding energy, in feng shui practice we can identify In the Northeast, Romance Comes Faster, the good and the bad of an energy through the energy map. This energy is denoted from the numbers 1 to 9. However, the smaller the number does not mean the worse the energy. Vice versa. In general, energy symbolized by the numbers 1,6,8,9 is good energy for this year. Basically, every building has eight sides of the compass. Each of these winds has different types of energy. Well, what needs to be the center of attention is good and bad energy in important feng shui locations. Such as the main entrance and a room that we often use for a long time.

For example, work space, study or sleep. If bad energy “invades” a space for activities that only require a short time, such as a warehouse or toilet for example, we don’t need to worry about the negative effects. So, here are the types of energy possessed by each cardinal direction in the Year of the Fire Rooster, and how to respond to them with the appropriate feng shui applications. Middle (Energy 1 – good) The middle sector which is filled with energy 1 is very good as a space for learning activities for children at school age. This energy beam can help clear their minds so that children’s learning achievements will increase. In addition to the study room, the middle sector this year is also good as a family room.

Meanwhile, for workers or business people, it is better to make the middle sector a workspace or bedroom. The energy produced in this sector is energy that can advance business creativity, which will lead to increased prosperity. So, in order for energy 1 to show off more, use this sector as often as possible for study or work activities. North (Energy 6 – good) Energy six is ​​fairly good in terms of stimulants to gain financial prosperity.

Financial here includes all activities aimed at working to generate financial sustenance. So, work at home activities are highly recommended to be carried out in this sector. Northeast (Energy 4 – good) Although considered an unlucky number in Eastern belief traditions, in terms of feng shui it is the opposite. Well, for those of you who are single and looking for a mate, or are in love, it is highly recommended to sleep in this sector. Energy 4 is fairly neutral, but when it comes to romance, this energy is unmatched. Energi 4 is also good for students and students.

In addition, this sector is also recommended for writers to increase their creativity. Well, if the Northeast is a sector where the living room or dining room is, it’s a good idea to add a water feature. For example, an aquarium or marine nuanced decoration dominated by blue. But keep in mind, those of you who are married should avoid sleeping in this sector. Because the energy of this romance flower will make love more “increase”, aka the emergence of a third person. However, if your relationship and your partner are in trouble, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in this sector. East (Energy 8 – very good) You are lucky if the main door of your house is located in the East sector. Because the perch of this energy in the Eastern sector can make prosperity multiply.

However, if the main door is not in this sector, make the room in the east a family room, or bedroom for the head of the household, or work space. To increase energy 8 to be better, increase activity in that sector. Southeast (Energy 9 – good) The energy of future advancement, fame and promotion. Energy 9 is very good for stimulating these three things. It’s better if we sleep in a room in this sector to activate energy, as well as make it easier to absorb this energy. For those of you who want to have children soon, sleep in this sector. Because the Southeast sector this year provides a high possibility for couples to have children soon.

If the main door of your house is located in the south direction (energy 5 – bad), make a partition that is directed to the southeast sector so that energy 9 in that sector is more active. South (Energy 5 – bad) Beware of this one energy. The energy of five is associated with the arrival of some big problems. Starting from chronic illnesses, accidents, financial bankruptcy, to other big problems.

However, we can work around this so that this energy gets weaker in a room. This earth elemental energy can be weakened by metallic energy. So, it’s best if the room and door in the South sector are painted white or metallic. It would be better if it was added with metal decorations. Southwest (Energy 7 – bad) The arrival of energy 7 also needs to be watched out for. Because this energy is associated with bad things. It can be said that energy 7 is the energy that robs. For example, robbery, theft, decline in wealth, deceit, and almost reduce goodness in all fields. Therefore, we need to be careful of the above dangers if the main entrance is located in the Southwest sector. The way to weaken and anticipate it is quite simple. Do not use or disable the main door. Instead, use another entrance from the other side. However, if your house has only one main door and is located in the Southwest, try placing blue or black decorative objects.

This color is expected to weaken the energy of 7 which is metal element. Even though it is classified as bad energy, energy 7 is also quite good for people who are engaged in speech. For example, a radio announcer. West (Energy 3 – bad) If you want to minimize the intensity of fights that cause family relationships to be tenuous, even legal problems, avoid the Western sector this year. Because energy 3 is closely related to these things. To prevent this energy from becoming more threatening, it is best to carry out as little activity as possible in the Western sector. It would be even better if the room in the West sector was not used.

If it must be used, paint the walls and provide red accessories to weaken the energy. Northwest (Energy 2 – bad) Energy 2 is no different from the South sector this year, namely energy 5. However, when it comes to disease, energy 2 is even more critical. This energy is no longer limited to a chronic disease, but a disease that is considered malignant and severe. Cancer, for example. In short, diseases that lead to death. So that this energy is not too dominant, decorate the room in the Northwest sector with metal accessories. In order for the energy to weaken even more, the room may be painted white or metallic.

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