How to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Last -
4 June 2023

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How to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Last

The keyboard is one of the important devices needed by a computer. This device allows us to type or input and do some hotkeys. Laptop devices always come with a keyboard that is integrated into the body. The durability of the keyboard on the laptop itself varies greatly. The main factor that determines the durability of the keyboard is actually how to care for it and how to use it every day. Here are a few how to care for a laptop keyboard so that it lasts Fingerprint cellphone 2 million Huawei Honor 5x

Don’t Press Too Hard

Keyboards are usually equipped with springs or retaining springs under the keys. The spring serves to hold the keyboard so that it does not continuously enter and does not come off. If the keyboard keys are pressed too hard and rough, then the keys on the keyboard may not want to go back up or even come off from their holders

Use an External Keyboard

Usually when playing games we use the mouse and keyboard. So that the keyboard on the laptop is not damaged when playing games, you should use an external keyboard when playing games.

how to care for the keyboard

Clean Dust and Dirt

Usually dust and dirt on the keyboard will accumulate if not cleaned regularly. If the dust gets inside the keyboard, it can block the springs under the keys. To clean the keyboard, use a vacuum cleaner, wipes, and a brush. Best Free Games For iPhone

Keyboard Protector

The keyboard protector made of silicon material is very effective in protecting the keyboard from dust and water droplets. You can attach the keyboard protector to the surface of the keyboard keys so that the keyboard keys are protected

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