How to stop hiccups and how to anticipate them -
29 May 2023

How to Stop Hiccups – You must agree that almost everyone has encountered a condition where the mouth opens while simultaneously swallowing air quickly and accompanied by a hic sound. Yes, almost everyone has experienced hiccups. It is natural and not harmful to the body.

Scientifically, hiccups or in English are called hiccups is a condition in which the vocal cords quickly close due to contraction of the diaphragm wall.

So, when the vocal cords close, that’s where the hic sound comes from. In fact, this hic sound occurs with the same sound for everyone, regardless of language or accent.

Hiccups or hiccups can be experienced by anyone, regardless of age and body health condition. To this day, the medical world distinguishes hiccups into two, namely mild hiccups and severe hiccups.

Mild hiccups are hiccups that are usually experienced by many people, which last a few minutes and are of moderate frequency.

While severe hiccups are hiccups that have a span of up to years. Can you believe that someone has had hiccups for up to 68 years?

The hiccups may stop on their own. However, seeing the facts of the longest ever hiccup, you may want to immediately do a singultus or attempt to hasten the end of the hiccup and not break the pre-existing record.

How to Stop Hiccups

Well, luckily we have prepared several ways that you can use to make singultus or how to stop hiccups.

With lime and sugar

The first way to stop hiccups is to eat lime. The medical world informs that food ingredients that can cause spasms in the diaphragm wall are foods that contain high vitamin C.

Well, we all know that lime is a food ingredient that is high in vitamin C which we can easily get.

Apart from lime, sugar can also be used as a food ingredient to stop hiccups. The fact is that the vagus nerve will return to normal when it comes into contact with glucose.

How to stop hiccups can also be done by making the temperature conditions around the neck different than when the hiccups occurred.

For example, if when you hiccup your neck is cold or room temperature, you can drink warm water so that the diaphragm muscles relax again. Apart from drinking it directly, you can also simply attach it from the outside of the neck. For example, you stick ice cubes.

With breathing technique

The next way to stop hiccups is by breathing techniques, namely by conditioning the body with excess carbon dioxide. You do this by slowing down your breathing rhythm, or breathing in a plastic bag, or even stopping your breath altogether for a few moments.

This works because when the body has more carbon dioxide content, there will be different reactions, including the reaction by the diaphragm.

In addition to adjusting the rhythm of breathing, certain body movements can be done as a way to stop hiccups. For example by positioning yourself in a headstanding attitude.

By doing this position, the oxygen level will increase and blood circulation will be different from the condition when the hiccups occur.

So friends, those were some food ingredients and some body conditioning that you can try as a way to stop hiccups. It must always be remembered that hiccups are a mild bodily disorder and not a disease.

However, there are several conditions that accompany hiccups that must be watched out for, such as the position of the tongue not to be sucked. Well, to prevent hiccups from occurring frequently, some of these methods can be applied.

You shouldn’t eat or drink too fast. Eating and drinking too fast can cause the esophagus to work too hard and cause some of the nerves to spasm, including the diaphragmatic nerve. Apart from eating and drinking too fast, emotions that make breathing air unstable also have the same effect.

If you maintain ethics while eating, but don’t pay attention to what you eat, it will also have an effect on hiccups. For example, you eat hot and cold food consecutively in the near future. This will make the diaphragm muscle startled and contract.

Some unintentional things like coughing too hard can also be one of the causes of hiccups. Intentional things like putting pressure on the phrenic nerve can also cause the same problem. Or if unintentional, hiccups indicate a problem with the phrenic nerve, such as irritation.

Apart from focusing on the area around the neck and diaphragm, conditions that cause hiccups can also be signaled from the body, namely body temperature. According to research, a person will more easily hiccup if the condition of his body is cold. For that, you can try moving to a warmer place.

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Well, friends, those were some ways to stop hiccups that you can try. We have also summarized a number of things to pay attention to so that hiccups do not occur. The point is friends, no matter how light the abnormal condition of the body is, don’t ever think it’s funny. Treat immediately to feel comfortable.

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