How to Remove Phlegm in Babies with Garlic -
4 June 2023

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How to Remove Phlegm in Babies with Garlic – Erratic weather conditions will sometimes cause seasonal illnesses, both in adults and children. No exception is coughing in infants. This is especially true if erratic weather occurs throughout the year so that the body is prone to disease.

Cold cough is one of the diseases that are commonly suffered when the weather is uncertain, sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s raining. Even your little one is not immune from this one seasonal disease. The cough experienced by your little one will often be accompanied by phlegm that is difficult to expel.

Parents don’t need to worry too much because coughing is not a dangerous disease as long as it is handled properly. In addition, there are several ways to get rid of phlegm in babies that you can try and stay safe.

To be able to expel phlegm in babies, there are at least three ways you can do it. Parents can choose one of them which is the easiest and fastest. Everything can be done at home, but there is one that can be done at the hospital.

Don’t panic, here are 5 ways to get rid of phlegm in babies that are safe

Maybe some parents who have just had babies often feel panicked if the baby secretes phlegm but the phlegm doesn’t come out, making your baby cough.

However, even though inflammation can make you panic, there are several ways to get rid of phlegm in babies that are safe to do, including:

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1. Using steam

The first way to get rid of phlegm in babies is to use steam. This method is still divided into two, namely methods that can be done alone at home and methods that must be done at the hospital with the help of medical personnel.

How to remove phlegm using steam in the hospital is through the use of a nebulizer. This nebulization is a steam therapy intended to expel phlegm in babies.

Through nebulizer steam therapy at this hospital, the baby will receive assistance in the form of drug and steam therapy which will thin the phlegm. This includes giving physiological saline so that nasal congestion can be overcome.

Steam therapy can also be done at home using warm water mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Provide a container in the form of a basin filled with warm water and then mix eucalyptus oil in it. Place it near your little one so that the vapors are inhaled.

This therapy will help thin phlegm as well as overcome a blocked nose. Your little one’s breathing will be more relieved and the cold cough he suffers can heal faster.

What needs to be considered is the placement of the basin that should not be in the reach of the Little One’s hands. The goal is that the Little One’s hand does not easily reach it because it contains hot water.

How to Remove Phlegm in Babies

2. Patting the baby’s back

The second way to get rid of phlegm in babies is to pat the baby’s back. It seems simple, but of course the practice is not just through clapping. This clap itself must be done in the position of the baby who is lying on his stomach.

Position the baby on his stomach then gently pat the right and left on the back. After that position the baby on the right or left side and gently pat the side of the chest.

If there is quite a lot of phlegm in the baby’s body, then after being patted on the back or chest, the phlegm will be vomited. However, it could also be that the phlegm has thinned and entered the digestive tract. If it’s like this, then the phlegm will be wasted through the feces.

The act of patting the baby’s back and chest to expel phlegm must be done before the baby drinks milk. The goal is to avoid the risk of choking on the baby. In addition, milk that has been drunk can also be vomited with phlegm.

3. Utilizing betel leaves

The third way to remove phlegm is to use warm betel leaves. Betel leaves that have been heated can be placed on the chest and back of the Little One. Let the warmth of the betel leaf help your little one to thin the phlegm.

Later, the phlegm that was successfully diluted with the help of warm betel leaves will be removed through the feces. The way to get rid of phlegm in babies above can be chosen which one is the easiest and quick to practice.

How to Remove Phlegm in Babies with Garlic

By applying the methods above, the baby will return healthy and cheerful because his cold cough is cured. The phlegm in the body can be completely removed and the nose is no longer blocked. Your little one’s activity and growth will not be disturbed.

If your little one’s cold cough has healed, parents can apply preventive measures to prevent the disease from reoccurring. This includes providing sufficient intake of breast milk or nutritious food to increase immunity.

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