How to Register for a TIN Online 2023 for Unemployed Individuals -
29 May 2023

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How to Register NPWP Online 2023 for Unemployed Individuals – What is NPWP? NPWP or abbreviation of Taxpayer Identification Number is a series of serial numbers used by the tax office which functions to identify taxpayers (individuals or business entities).

And the NPWP is generally divided into two types, namely private property and business entities. Personally owned NPWP is a tax burden that must be borne by every individual who has income in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the NPWP of a business entity is a tax burden that must be borne by every business entity or company that has income in Indonesia.

How to Register for NPWP Online? Check out the Easy Tips

In this sophisticated era, you don’t have to go far to register an NPWP by queuing at the tax service office, take advantage of existing digital sophistication. That way, registering an NPWP online is not as difficult as it used to be. What you should know is that this NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) can make it easier for you to do tax administration, so with an NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) tax calculations and data will not be confused.

The following below are some easy steps or tips that must be followed by someone if they are going to register an NPWP:

– The first step is to create an account at Ereg Tax

For online registration, the first thing you have to do is open the website address to register an account. Then register for a new account. Previously you had to make sure the email that you registered was still active, because later there would be an activation of the email that you registered.

– Step two

After you fill in the data for the new account 1-7 steps. Next is the second step, namely completing the appropriate documents:

Some Document Requirements To Register NPWP

Below are some of the requirements for individual taxpayers who do not run a business or work independently

  • KTP (Resident Identity Card) for Indonesian Citizens
  • Passport and KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) for foreign nationals (WNA) who are in Indonesia
  • Individuals who own a business or freelance or have a particular business
  • KTP (Resident Identity Card) for Indonesian Citizens
  • Passport and KITAS for foreign nationals residing in Indonesia
  • Business activity permit documents that have been issued by the competent authority

Individual Taxpayer with a record of the status of a married woman who is subject to separate tax from her husband’s tax

  • Special KTP for Indonesian Citizens
  • -Passports and KITAS for foreign nationals residing in Indonesia
  • -Photocopy of husband’s Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).
  • -Photocopy of KK (family card)
  • -Photocopy of the separation of assets income agreement letter

Third step

After completing the contents of the form, click the “Token” (secret code) button on the dashboard. Then check your email. Your token will appear if it hasn’t been obtained in 1 minute, please press the token button again.

Then copy-paste the token in your email and enter it into the menu on the NPWP application page then click send then click application.

After being approved, your NPWP card will be sent according to the registered residential address, if during this period your NPWP card has not been sent, it is possible that the documents you filled out are incorrect or incorrect. If this happens, please register online again or you can call the Tax Service Office where you are registered to get further information.

How to Register for NPWP Online

Come Directly to the Tax Office

Apart from registering online, you can also come directly to the tax office where you are registered. Let’s hurry up and register yourself from now before it’s too late! If this article is useful, don’t forget to tell your friends who don’t have an NPWP to register immediately. Because now there is no reason not to register because there is a way to register for a NPWP online and it’s very easy, right?

Conclusion, What is NPWP and Use of NPWP

NPWP stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. NPWP is a unique number given by the Directorate General of Taxes to taxpayers to identify and expedite tax reporting. NPWP is the main requirement for taxpayers to conduct transactions with the government or private companies.

The usefulness of the NPWP is as follows:

  1. As a taxpayer identification tool: NPWP is used as a tool to identify taxpayers in every tax transaction made.
  2. As a tax reporting tool: NPWP is used to report taxes that must be paid by taxpayers.
  3. As a means of verifying tax payment: NPWP is also used as a means of verifying that the taxpayer has paid the tax owed.
  4. As a means of providing tax facilities: NPWP can provide tax facilities to taxpayers, such as certain tax deductions or tax exemptions.
  5. As a means of resolving tax disputes: NPWP can also be used as a means of settling tax disputes that occur between taxpayers and the government.


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