How to Redden Lips Naturally and Permanently in 1 Day -
4 June 2023

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How to Redden Lips Naturally and Permanently in 1 Day – There are many natural ingredients around us that can be used to redden lips naturally and without any side effects.

If you are curious about the various natural ingredients around you that can be used as a way to redden your lips naturally, here are some ingredients that can be used to redden your lips naturally.

10 Ways to Redden Lips Naturally at Home

1. Lime Fruit

Lime fruit is rich in high vitamin C, this lime fruit is believed to help remove dead skin cells so that the lip skin can regenerate properly. This fruit will naturally redden our lips, and is even effective for reddening the smoker’s lips.

2. Lemon Water

It turns out that lemon water can also redden lips naturally. The way it works is to remove the color from the dark lips, so that the blush on the lips appears naturally, but of course this must be done regularly.

3. Natural Honey

The content of glucose and fructose found in honey will stimulate the epidermis to produce new collagen. So that later a red color will appear on the dark lips and make the dark lips appear brighter.

How to use honey for lips is to mix honey with added sugar, then rub it gently on the lips so that the dead skin on the lips is lifted.

4. Turmeric powder

It turns out that turmeric can not only treat various kinds of diseases in the body, because you can also use turmeric for beauty tips, which can naturally redden your lips.

The trick is to prepare 2 fingers of turmeric, then crush or grind it finely after smooth, then use it on lips that are dull in color and wait for about 15 minutes after that rinse it off using clean water.

5. Olive or Olive Oil

Olive or olive oil turns out to contain a variety of very useful vitamins such as Vitamin E and vitamin K which are quite high, which in fact these two vitamins can redden lips naturally.

The trick is to spread the lips that look dull with olive oil every day evenly and do it regularly.

6. Almond Oil

The emollient properties present in this oil make it possible to soften and rejuvenate the skin of your lips, so that the original dull color of the lips becomes fresher and redder.

The trick is to spread the lips with almond oil evenly every day so that the results are optimal.

How to Redden Lips Naturally

7. Pure Coconut Oil

This oil is very good in helping the skin regenerate faster, including the skin of the lips. Besides being cheap, this material is also not difficult to find.

8. Granulated Sugar Is A Way To Redden Lips Naturally

If you don’t have pure honey, then we can use granulated sugar. Sugar can be a natural exfoliant for dull, blackish lip skin. The sugar texture will gently remove dead skin cells from your lips and replace them with brighter skin.

9. Avocado is a way to redden lips naturally

The high antioxidants and vitamins present in avocados are proven to be very good for skin health, including lip skin health.

The way we need to do to redden lips naturally with this ingredient is to smooth enough avocado, then apply it smoothly and evenly on the lip area.

10. Strawberry is a natural way to redden lips

Besides being red as a natural lipstick, this fruit has a high content of vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Later, this content produces a bright red strawberry color on the lips.

The way to use it is to split the Strawberry into two parts, then rub it directly on the lips, then wait for about 15 minutes and do this regularly at home.

So, that was the discussion about various kinds of natural ingredients that you can use to redden your lips naturally at home, how is it really that easy, right? good luck


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