How to Overcome Prickly Heat in Newborns Naturally -
29 May 2023

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How to Overcome Prickly Heat in Babies – It’s not uncommon for babies to experience a reddish rash on their skin, especially in areas that are usually covered, such as the folds of their hands, genitals, armpits or behind the knees. This indicates that your little one is experiencing prickly heat.

In general, prickly heat occurs when there is a hot temperature that causes the body to sweat, but because the clothes are too thick, sweat cannot escape, sweat will flow into the skin tissue around the sweat glands. This then triggers irritation and redness of the skin.

How to Overcome Prickly Heat in Babies

In fact, the symptoms of prickly heat generally go away on their own within a few days. However, to help babies feel comfortable faster, we can do several ways to deal with prickly heat

The following is a way to deal with prickly heat in babies that you can try.

1. Lower the temperature of the room where the baby is. Increase air circulation at home with the help of an air conditioner or fan so that the baby doesn’t get too hot or feel hot. This must be done because the condition of the prickly heat can get worse if the baby’s body continues to sweat from the heat.

2. Wear baby clothes that are looser and more comfortable. Replace baby clothes with thinner materials so that air circulation on the skin is better.

3. Use calamine lotion to cool the skin. Apply lotion to the areas where the rash is, but avoid the area around the eyes and areas where it can be easily inhaled.

4. Take the baby to the open air or move the baby to a room with better air circulation.

5. Keep the rash on the body part dry for some time.

6. Avoid giving clothes that are too tight to babies and made from no gaps.

7. Treating prickly heat in babies can also be done by giving special rash lotions or health products according to the doctor’s instructions.

Here’s How to Overcome Prickly Heat in Babies Naturally and Safely

Apart from applying lotion or rash relief products that are sold in pharmacies, we can also use some natural ingredients as a way to deal with prickly heat.

The following are some ingredients that can be used as a way to deal with prickly heat

1. Sandalwood Powder

Mix sandalwood powder with rose water or ordinary mineral water, then apply this mixture to the body parts that experience prickly heat.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is known to provide a cool sensation on the skin. A mixture of aloe vera flesh with rose water is claimed to be more effective in treating prickly heat in children and adults.

3. Lemon Water

One type of orange is believed to have properties to control excess oil due to sweating by the skin. We can bathe the baby using a mixture of mineral water with lemon juice to reduce the symptoms of prickly heat.

Prevent Prickly Heat In Babies

In addition to implementing various ways to deal with prickly heat in babies, we can also choose to prevent it.

Avoid giving clothes that are too thick, made from gaps, and do not absorb sweat, especially during hot weather and high temperatures. Prickly heat will not occur if the baby’s skin can breathe properly.

Choose thin clothes made of cotton that absorb sweat for the baby and allow air to pass in and out, and there is no obstacle for sweat to come out of his skin. If necessary, provide air conditioning in the baby’s room so he doesn’t sweat easily.

Even so, allowing the baby to sweat is a better choice if we supervise him properly. The sweat that comes out will also help the death of skin cells that are usually easy to change in babies.

Occasionally lift the baby so that no side of the body is too sweaty.

How to Overcome Prickly Heat in Babies

Those were some ways to deal with prickly heat in babies that you can try yourself at home. However, if the prickly heat that occurs lasts for quite a long time and causes an unusual rash, it doesn’t hurt to see a doctor.


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