How to Install a HP Charger on a Motorcycle -
29 May 2023

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How to Install a HP Charger on a Motorcycle

In this all-digital era, a smartphone is very important, so don’t let it run out of batteries on the road! It’s really mandatory to bring a powerbank or a charger on the motorbike. For owners of the highest variant of the Suzuki Nex II, it’s safe, because the USB charger is a built-in feature. But for those who buy the standard version, this feature is not yet available. Want to install? It’s really possible because this USB charger becomes Suzuki Geneuine Accessories (SGA), so it can also be installed on the standard Nex II type. “The price is IDR 245 thousand. Has 12V input and 5V output, 2.1 A (Fig.1),” said Achmad Rheza, Sales SGA & SGO, PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS). To install, you must first open the license plate and bracket by removing 2 bolts using a screwdriver. After that, there are 2 more screws at the bottom of the body.

The back side has 6 bolts and 2 clips that need to be removed as well. “The location of the clip is in the right and left drawers. The way to open it is simply to press the center using a screwdriver and then pry it. If everything is open, all that remains is to pull the front body,” said Indrawan Subekti, chief mechanic for Suzuki SMG Sunter, North Jakarta. It’s nice to install this USB charger, no cables are cut, everything is parallel from the existing socket. “Like the masses took from Layz Motor: 021-53663025 horn socket. The trick is to remove the mass horn socket and then connect it to the USB charger socket (Fig.3), the black and white mass cable, make no mistake, the horn will buzz when the USB charger is used,” warned Indrawan. To get the electricity supply, take the current from the contacts. The trick is to remove the green contact socket, “After that, parallel the contact socket with the white USB charger socket, if this doesn’t turn it upside down because all you have to do is match the shape of the socket (Fig.4),” added this friendly man. Once all the sockets are plugged in, trim the wires so they don’t get caught when the handlebars turn. Then reassemble the front body and tighten all the bolts as before. “Slip the cable behind the body elbow (Fig.5), then remove the double-sided tape cover and stick the USB charger in the drawer on the left (Fig.6),” concluded Indrawan. Don’t worry about your smartphone turning off again!

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