How to be safe so that you don’t get hacked when browsing -
29 May 2023

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How to be safe so that you don’t get hacked when browsing,

Install Extension For Chrome For Beginners

If you’re not already using Chrome, switch soon. There are various plug-ins to fill security holes that are not owned by other browsers, apart from Chrome. This makes it easy for you to adjust the desired level of security for your web browser. However, note that extensions can exert extreme control over your browser, and nothing will stop extensions from invading your privacy.


If your main concern is web bugs and cookies tracking your every move, install the DoNotTrackMe Chrome plug-in. This plug-in blocks cookies and ads with tracker capabilities. It will also tell you which sites you visit, and warn you about trackers. However, note that some trusted sites track users for statistical purposes.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere has a specific function. Like DuckDuckGo, it tries to redirect you to a secure version site. However, unlike the DuckDuckGo plug-in, you don’t have to go through a portal or search engine to reach your desired online destination safely. Once installed, this plug-in will work in the background.


Click&Clean protects identifiable data stored on your computer, just like Chrome’s incognito mode, but more efficiently. You can also set it to delete browsing data automatically when Chrome is closed. An added bonus is that this plug-in also scans your PC for viruses.

Ghostery Ghostery

works like DoNotTrackMe, but enables tracking by default. The plug-in will also show trackers, and let you choose which trackers you want, and which don’t. Note that some Facebook games require you to activate your tracker to get data stored in the cloud.

how to browse safely, so you don't get hacked

Not Scripts

Some sites require JavaScript to work properly, causing users to need to enable Not Scripts. This plug-in blocks most common scripts by default, providing security for you, while also causing sites to not work properly. You are offered complete control, so there is no need to rush to learn it.

Adblock Plus

Ads are the bread and butter in all industries, the presence of one or more pop-up ads can take a toll on the experience. Adblock Plus blocks all ads that might appear on your favorite sites. Make sure to turn it off for a moment to support the sites you like.

Privacy Fix

Privacy Fix is ​​another extension that can block cookies and trackers, but this plug-in comes in a different package. Apart from blocking unwanted data transfers, Privacy Fix also helps you lock Social Media privacy settings that you don’t know about.


Comes with a unique name, DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine besides Google. Through DuckDuckGo, you will not leave your identity or search history. This plug-in also attempts to connect you to a more secure web version whenever possible

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