Here are 3 ways to speed up smartphone battery charging -
4 June 2023

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Here are 3 ways to speed up smartphone battery charging

You may have felt trapped in a situation where time is very limited and the battery on your smartphone is running low, so it needs to be charged as soon as possible so it doesn’t die. It is quite natural that in circumstances like this we want the process to run quickly. If you also often experience conditions like this, there are several how to speed up smartphone battery charging. This can be done so that battery charging can run more effectively and quickly. This method is very simple but often overlooked. The following is the full review

Tips-How-to-Speed ​​up-Charging-Battery-Smartphone

Turn off the Smartphone

Of course, the battery power is used for the operational needs of the smartphone, including searching for a signal. Obviously this consumes power, especially if the settings use a 3G or 4G network which definitely consumes more power. Therefore, when charging the battery, the smartphone should be turned off so that the smartphone does not carry out any activity. When the phone is turned off, the screen will also turn off so it will save more power

Turn on Airplane Mode

For some people, as much as possible the smartphone device should not die. You might worry if it’s WhatsApp or BBM that comes in later. For situations like this, we recommend activating airplane mode. This mode can be changed to normal mode with just one touch. If the place where you are gets WiFi network coverage, then take advantage of the WiFi

How to Speed ​​Up Smartphone Battery Charging

Use Original Charger

Smartphone vendors, of course, have taken into account how much current and voltage flow is appropriate for their products. Therefore, use the original charger when recharging, not via a USB port, because using a USB cable actually makes the charging process longer

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