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4 June 2023

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Download the Best Offline FPS Game for Android IOS

Free Download Best Android and IOS FPS Games 2019

This game tells the year 2040 when the third world war was going on. At that time, the Minister of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to work together on a project called Dead Target. This project aims to turn criminal prisoners into powerful combat troops to face opponents. However, this project went awry when CS Corporation was betrayed and instead exposed the prisoners to a zombie outbreak that could be contagious. Here you play the character of a member of the elite Operation Apocalypse team who is assigned to save colleagues who are trapped in the zombie siege. You have to go on a long journey by killing the zombies that are in your way.

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As a first person shooter game, it doesn’t look much different from similar games. Even though it has an installation file size that is not too big, this game has a very good graphic display. With the appearance of a first person shooter style game, you must control the character using a virtual controller. The first time you play it, you will be guided in advance about the functions of the available buttons. Navigation buttons are located on the left side, while other buttons such as Weapon, Reload, Bomb, Health Kit are on the right side. Likewise with several icons around the screen that display information about the condition of the character and his weapons. The cool thing is, these buttons are responsive enough so they are easy to control. Especially for those of you who play it using a smartphone with a screen of 5 inches and above, the placement of these buttons is easy to reach. If you have problems with the sensitivity of the buttons, this game provides settings that can be adjusted according to the wishes of the users.


Before eradicating the zombies, you must first equip them with the weapons available in the store. You will be capitalized with some money to buy these weapons. The number and types of weapons available are adjusted to the level being lived. The higher the level, the more diverse the inventory of weapon types. Of course to buy it you have to raise money first. Overwhelmed when facing the many zombies that attack? No need to panic, there are two ways you can do this. First, you can use the available grenades. By throwing it into a crowd of zombies, this grenade will instantly kill many zombies at once. But because the number is limited, you must be smart to use it for emergency situations only. The second way is by utilizing the Rage function which is displayed in the form of a button on the left side above the navigation buttons. If the Rage button is fully charged, you can press it and you will be given up to a few seconds to fire automatically without needing to be controlled by the navigation buttons. This makes it easier for you to get rid of zombies quickly. Apart from killing zombies, each level has a specific target that must be completed. After completing the mission, in addition to going to the next level, players will get various rewards in the form of money, gold and health kits. For money and gold, later can be used to buy or upgrade the weapons they have.

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This game has a file size that is not large but has a very interesting graphic display and gameplay. The quality of the graphics is made in 3D with image effects that display details well. Various effects of explosions, destruction, and the appearance of zombies, they all look good. Fortunately, all of that can be run on smartphone devices with specifications that are not too high. As long as SIGNAL tries to play it using a smartphone with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, there are no problems and everything can be played smoothly and seamlessly.


In terms of innovation, what is shown in Dead Target: Zombie is nothing new. Several other games already have similar concepts, for example the game Dead Trigger, which was released earlier. Even though it’s not new, Dead Target: Zombie still offers exciting gameplay so it’s still fun to play.


With fun gameplay, cool graphic display, and easy to play, Dead Target: Zombie has a pretty good competitiveness with similar themed games. Present on three mobile platforms, this game has proven to be able to get quite a large number of downloads. This is more or less proof that its presence can be accepted and liked by mobile device users

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Do you like playing multiplayer shooter games like Point blank or counter strike? So, Afterpulse is the right choice for those of you who want to feel the sensation of playing an ambush game on a mobile device. This game made by Gamevil is a multiplayer shooter game that has gameplay very similar to Point Blank or Counter-Strike, where players are plunged into a shooting arena with their teammates to finish off the opposing team.

Here, you will control a character who is equipped with a bulletproof suit and a collection of various types of firearms. This character must work hand in hand with other team members to knock out the opposing team and get as many kills as possible. Soundschallenging, right? In addition, Afterpulse is filled with various objects for cover. You have to take advantage of the surrounding objects to hide, settle, and shoot opposing team members from a tactical position. Talking about the display quality of graphics, Afterpulse offers almost perfect graphics quality for mobile devices. In fact, Gamevil has indeed prepared a display that fully utilizes metal infrastructure support on Apple devices to present images that are extraordinarily sharp and look so bright. The shooting action in this game also looks very exciting and smooth when viewed at 60 fps (frames per second).

Glu Mobile, a popular mobile game publisher that has skyrocketed through the Dinner Dash series, is back with launching its newest game with well-known celebrity, Jason Statham as the main star. With additions to Jason Statham, this shooter game previously titled Sniper X: Kill Confrmed presents a first person shooter game, where you will join a SPEAR team led by Jason Statham himself! You can also take part in hundreds of military missions in an amazing 3D environment. Apart from that, you can upgrade and customize every weapon you have to make it the scariest killing machine. Not only presenting military missions and polishing weapons, you can also hone your skills and use the money that has been collected to improve SPEAR’s Training Ground. Also enjoy special events every month to get unique weapons in it. Exciting right?

Even though it’s not yet officially available on both iOS and Android devices, the title Titanfall really resonates in the ears of its fans. How could it not be, the dream of fans of the shooter genre game, which was released for PC and Xbox One in 2014, will finally come true to be able to play it on a smartphone screen. It was revealed, apart from Respawn Entertainment, this game will also be worked on by developer Particle City and will be released in 2016. Respawn Entertainment and partner company Nexon have jointly invested in mobile game developer Particle City to release several mobile games — both new and original — given the vast sci-fi universe of Titanfall. Until now, it’s not clear how the gameplay of the mobile version of Titanfall is. But one thing is certain, its presence on mobile devices will skyrocket and be able to match the popularity of other mobile games. Titanfall presents war fighting gameplay with the exciting high-speed shooting genre of mechanical robots. The previous Titanfall series even received a positive response from gamers. Since then, many first person shooter games that feature multiplayer have been able to attract quite a bit of interest from gamers.

The first HD quality FPS game is Dead Trigger 2, which is a game released by Madfinger Games. In this game, we will also be faced with a group of zombies who are the main enemy. There are more than 37 weapons that can be used. Apart from that, there are also weekly tournaments that everyone can take part in. And most importantly, this game is a free download for Android.

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So, for those who have a hobby of hunting, you can also try a free FPS game called Deer Hunter. In this game, gamers will also be invited to hunt various types of animals from Alaka to hunting in the wilds of Africa. In addition, this game also provides more than 100 animals that can be hunted. Both herbivores and predators like wolves.

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The last one is an FPS game called Deus Ex: The Fall. This game, which can be downloaded at a price of 16 thousand rupiah, is an adventure game that aims to dismantle a world-class conspiracy with the main character named Ben Saxon who is a former member of the British SAS. This game takes the background story in 2027 where human life has used sophisticated technology.

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