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29 May 2023

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Examples of Whatsapp WA Status Videos Romantic, Love and Good


It’s beautiful when we fall in love with someone, the world feels flowery and full of stories. People who are in love and falling in love cannot hide their feelings of happiness, they are always cheerful, full of laughter and the words that are spoken are always romantic so that everyone can feel the aura of love that radiates from their heart. Including, of course, when writing statuses on social media, including WA, surely people who are falling will not hesitate to write romantic wa statuses full of love and affection.

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Examples of Whatsapp WA Status Videos Romantic, Love and Good

Jones, who has not had a girlfriend for a long time, even when he likes and falls in love with his heart’s choice, will definitely always update his romantic Wa status with the aim that his crush or crush can know that he is in love, or so that everyone in WhatsApp contacts know about what he’s going through right now, which is falling in love.

Examples of Whatsapp WA Status Videos Romantic, Love and Good

Confused? Don’t worry, here are some examples of romantic and good wa statuses that you can share on WhatsApp so that everyone knows that you are in love.

Everyone can say love, because it’s easy to say. Instead of believing what you hear, it’s better to believe what you feel.

My love and affection for you is like nails, even if you cut them, they keep growing.

Be happy in your deep sleep, because my prayers come to you on the sidelines of your sweet dimples.

The most beautiful thing is when two people miss each other but don’t communicate but both pray for each other.

One of the ways for people who are longing to meet the idol of the heart that is still kept secret is by praying, asking the Supreme Love. that’s true love


Examples of Whatsapp WA Status Videos Romantic, Love and Good

If only the distance between longing and meeting was as thin as tears and tears

Like tired alone, if for example miss but left behind. Want to be angry, but definitely more fierce.

I want our love to be like a HISTORY lesson that will always be remembered for all time.

How can I sleep when you’re still hanging out in my mind like this.

Still here with the same feelings, for the same people.

When I see a photo of you smiling, in my heart I just say briefly “I miss you”

You will never know the meaning of love before you feel homesick even though you must meet every day

If loving you starts with a smile, grows with a hug and I can end it with a wedding.

Sometimes, you think someone has changed without you realizing it happened because he started to act mature.

If your partner leaves you for someone else, let it go! because traitors are better suited to seducers so let them destroy together.

Your parents are pillow craftsmen, right? Because it feels comfortable when near you.

It’s good to be you, if you want to see an angel, you just have to look in the mirror.

Am I fat now? do you know why? because you have developed a lot of love in my heart

Do you have item markers? | What for? | I want to color the calendar, so that there is no holiday in loving you”

If you love him, let him go. If he comes back, he’s yours forever. If not, please don’t be upset every day.

You are like Calcium to me.. | hah? why calcium? | Yes, because I will definitely be fragile without you

I want to be a part of you, even if it’s just a mole on your body.

What do you do if you don’t, Abang is willing to eat BELING, because Abang is BELINGER in love with Neng.

Seriously, you are like a sundel perforated, make me always peek into your heart.

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