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4 June 2023

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Example of Future Plans

Keep Calm When Disaster Comes

Indonesia is located between two major mountain ranges in the world and also three earth plates, both of which are very active. Those words that I still clearly remember, were said by my Geography Teacher when I was still in high school. These two things also make Indonesia a country with a high level of disaster risk. Even the highest in the world. So it is not surprising that volcanic eruptions and natural disasters are consequences that we must be prepared to accept as part of life. At the time this article was published, the news about the flood disaster in Bandung had just passed and the disaster in Aceh was being hotly discussed. Why is this article talking about the threat of disaster? Awareness of risk Perhaps if one may say, risk is the middle name of Indonesians.

With conditions like the above, Indonesians are people who are very familiar with what is called risk. There are two major risks that we must anticipate, namely personal or self-risk and the risk of the assets we have. Both have a huge impact on our finances. Awareness of the existence of risks in our country is not comparable to awareness of the anticipation of the risks themselves. This can be seen when a disaster occurs, then the community is confused and does not know what steps to take to overcome the problem. Including in terms of finances. Protection is a form of our awareness in terms of anticipating risks.

As I mentioned above, the anticipation of this risk is still very small. It has been proven that not even ten percent of our people have insurance protection and prepare for the protection. Not to mention, to be honest, out of the ten percent, maybe fifty percent have a product that they don’t understand at all. Or not according to their needs. It’s possible that most people also don’t know what the difference is between the sum insured premium, between education and life insurance, even insurance is not an investment product. Personal and property protection There are two basic protections that we must have to anticipate risks, namely personal or personal risk protection and also asset or property risk protection. For personal risk, each individual should have at least:

1 Reserve fund As an emergency fund when a disaster or risk occurs. Its function is as a “bullet” for urgent and very important problems. These funds must be prepared in very liquid financial products so that they can easily turn into money when needed. Remember when a disaster occurs, the most needed asset is cash to solve the problem quickly. The amount of this fund is at least three times the monthly expenditure and ideally can reach six times the expenditure.

2 Health insurance A must-have weapon as a complete reserve fund. The need for health is important to anticipate treatment problems. Many of us, when disaster strikes, only rely on available assistance. Cannot get better service because there are no bullets or weapons that is called health insurance earlier. In a country with a high level of risk awareness, when a disaster occurs, they leave their area and seek health services in other cities to get maximum treatment. This is possible because they have insurance.

3 Life Insurance As protection against loss of livelihood or income if a person as a source of income is no longer able to fulfill his obligation to provide a living for those left behind. There are still many of us who unknowingly insure our children as insured. Even though children have absolutely no economic impact.

4 Critical Illness Insurance Currently the word sick is very common in our ears. Even some types of diseases have been categorized as diseases that make us have to sacrifice our possessions and wealth. That is why protection against the possibility of critical illness is important. While protection for assets that must be owned is insurance against losses. This insurance is protection for our assets. So when a disaster comes, we don’t have to be afraid of losing or even destroying our assets, because we have a guarantee that these assets will not be destroyed.

This is what distinguishes disasters in our country from other countries. In our country, when a disaster occurs, people try to protect their assets by refusing to move from their homes on the pretext of protecting their assets. Elsewhere, when a disaster occurs, everyone is abandoned and seeks shelter elsewhere. Not because they don’t love their wealth, but they are aware that their assets have been protected by insurance that will replace any losses they suffer. Risks can happen to anyone. If we feel that we have a higher level of risk than others, it is better to protect this risk correctly and appropriately

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