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4 June 2023

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Here’s a List of Educational Apps and Games for Kids

Download Online Games for Children to Learn Made in Indonesia

DOES anyone still know Halma’s game? Halma is a board and pawn game with a playing area in the shape of a six-sided star. Each player must move a pawn from one star to the opposite side. Who is the fastest, he will win. A pawn can only take one step unless he can jump over another pawn. Halma is basically a modification of Chinese Chess aka chinese checkers. It’s easy to guess, this game that is so popular, someone has made it into a game that can be run on Android-based gadgets. There are several Chinese Checkers games available on the Google Play Store, one of which is Chinese Checkers Touch. The difference between the “real” Chinese Checkers and Halma is in the number of pawns and the number of players who can participate. At Halma, the maximum number of players is 3 people, while Chinese Checkers can be played by up to 6 people, including this Chinese Checkers Touch.

This is one of the phenomenal local games. How could it not be, the Clash of Clans game made by Supercell, which consistently ranks at the top in the category of free Android games, was beaten by this one game. The peak of the popularity of Round Tofu on the Play Store itself occurred in May 2016. This achievement was obtained after successfully breaking the 100,000 – 500,000 number of downloads on the application store made by Google. Download the Indonesian League Free Ball Game

This high popularity was not wasted by its maker, Own Games. The reason is, after skyrocketing enough, they had time to publish it in the English version with the name Round Tofu. Not only because the gameplay is very simple and interesting, but the words of the tofu maker who voice unique words are also the main attraction of this game. Every time you press the screen, a voice will partially be heard, “Tofu round is fried impromptu, in the car, five hundred, savory savory nyoii!”. As you know, this is what will make you ‘flooded’ money in this game. The faster you press the screen, the louder the sound will be and the more buyers will know who will come to you. Later, the money that has been collected can be used to raise the level of equipment and tools used to sell tofu. In fact, you can open branches in various areas from the results of your hard work.

Developer: Own Games Type of Games: Simulation System Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or above Number of Installs: 10,000,000 times Price: In-App Purchase (Rp 3,000-120,000 per item)

As the name implies, in this game you will act as the owner of a terminal whose job is to manage the distribution of passengers for all public transportation that is currently stationed, such as public transportation, buses, and even space rockets. How to play it is quite easy, you are only asked to tap the cellphone screen repeatedly to collect money. Later, this money can be used to upgrade all existing equipment and equipment. Download Free Soccer Game Offline PES 2018 Android APK OBB

Some of them are loudspeakers, terminal gates, public toilets, and even employing hawkers. The higher the level, the more money you have to spend. But doing so will increase the multiplier factor so you can collect more money and faster. This clicker game was made by a developer called Agate Studio to welcome Indonesia’s 71st independence day. To develop this game, they collaborated with Own Games, which so far is known as the Tahu Bulat developer. Therefore, if you’ve ever played Tahu Bulat, you might feel familiar with Juragan Terminal’s interface. The reason is, the two games have many elements and characters that are almost similar. In fact, there are several special characters that were deliberately brought from the Tahu Bulat game to Juragan Terminal, such as EDHO ZELL, the crazy Youtuber, and TAKO. To make the game even more exciting, the achievement system and global leaderboard which is integrated with Google Play Games are also embedded.

Developer: Agate Games Game Type: Simulation System Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or above Amount of Installs: 1,000,000 times Price: In-App Purchase (Rp 3,000-15,000 per item)

Are you an astronomy lover? If so, it’s not complete if you don’t buy this application made by Vito Technology. Through this application, you can explore even more ins and outs of outer space and its contents in a more interesting way only via your smartphone or tablet PC screen. This application is able to display the beauty of the universe clearly. Planets, stars and other space objects are presented in 3D, making them more lively and interesting.

You can also see what’s happening out there in the past and in the future. Even cooler, there is an Augmented Reality feature, which allows you to see outer space virtually. Smartly, this application can identify the constellations of planets, comets, asteroids, and many more. Positions of stars, planets and natural satellites are equipped with coordinates so that position finding is more accurate

Excess : The visual display is presented in 3D, clear and clean and is equipped with an X-Ray filter

Lack : Large file size of 158 MB, crashes frequently

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