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29 May 2023

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Download the Tower Defense Offline Android Game – One of the most comfortable game genres to play on mobile platforms is tower defense. On the App Store, one of the newest tower defense games, OTTTD, costs Rp. 59,000, making it one of the more expensive tower defense games. But believe me, what you pay is worth what you get. The plus points that the OTTTD developers have and offer are clean graphics, interesting soundtracks, a challenging game system, and the presence of heroes or characters that can be used. OTTTD tells of future robot wars against enemies in the form of aliens to zombies.

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Like other tower defense games, each level of the game requires you to defend against a large number of enemy attacks as well. On an area that is not too large, you can build a security system by building gattling guns, cannons, lasers, and rockets. Assisted by heroes. Only relying on the defense system is of course not enough to survive enemy attacks. For that, you can rely on special heroes or characters that will open as you reach the further level of the game. Each of these heroes has their own skills, such as Engineer which is useful for repairing defense systems or Assault which can attack enemies sporadically. The heroes that you have, of course, can also be equipped with special skills with an upgrade system using skill points. In addition to skill points, you will also get coins every time you finish the game. It should be noted, CHIP recommends that you use a high-end smartphone because this game will feel very heavy and lag when displaying many objects simultaneously. In fact, even flagship smartphones like the iPhone 5 or LG Nexus 5 are unable to run smoothly when wars occur on an extra-large scale

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