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4 June 2023

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Download Android Games Offline, Small Size, Light and Fun

Office Rumble

How would it be if a game with the fighting genre was played by characters that we usually meet in office life? Office Rumble from PNIX Games seems like the perfect example. Here is the discussion. In terms of STORY, the game Office Rumble takes the format of episodes that are held in various different places. Each episode will be filled with people with familiar jobs in the place as fighters in it. Starting from the Director, Sexy Club Lady, Sushi Chef, even to the Company President, they will fight each other. For a GRAPHIC display, Office Rumble carries a very comical appearance with very striking colors and thick lines on the edges.

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Meanwhile, in terms of animation, this game has very lively movements because of the various visual effects in it. The combination of graphics and animation like this does present a very exciting game. However, it can actually make your eyes tired quickly playing it for a long time. Enter the GAMEPLAY, actually Office Rumble is a game with very simple mechanics. This game that takes the tag team format only presents one button for attacking, one button for parrying, and several other buttons for performing moves. While holding down the attack button, your character will automatically deal continuous blows to the opposing character. The character who runs out of blood first loses. The excitement of this game lies not only in the fighting, but also in each character who has different abilities. In addition to character levels, Office Rumble also presents a system of elements such as fire, water, and even dark, which will affect the course of the battle. You can get this character through in-game prizes, fusion several cards, or you can also buy it through in-app purchases


Office Rumble is a game that is suitable for you fans of the fighting genre who want to feel a different atmosphere and gameplay. With a relatively short game duration for each episode, this game, which has been released for free on Google Play and iTunes, is suitable to be played in your free time, especially if you are feeling bored at work.

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