Don’t panic, here’s how to pump breast milk that’s right and comfortable -
4 June 2023

How to Pump Breast Milk – Giving breast milk to babies is what the mother looks forward to most after giving birth to her baby, but sometimes breast milk (ASI) for young mothers who are having children for the first time often does not come out.

So many young mothers feel worried and even panic because their babies are fussy because they haven’t gotten breast milk yet, but don’t worry because there are many ways to deal with this.

The Right Way to Pump Breast Milk for Comfort

And the method that is most widely used is by pumping breast milk, but it’s a good idea to do this method correctly so that a lot of milk is released, then how do you do it?

Select the pump size

Choose the pump size that best fits your breast size, also note that the breast pump must be very snug around your nipple but leave enough room so your nipple does not rub against the wall of the pump so your nipple can move freely.

Do stimulation

The key to successful breastfeeding is to stimulate your breast reflex, so try to massage your breasts and try to stimulate your breasts while you are pumping and try to relax them so that the milk comes out quickly.

Using a vacuum pump

How to pump breast milk using a vacuum pump. Apart from pumps that are used manually, you can use a vacuum pump using a machine. This tool will provide comfort for mothers to reduce aches and pains from using a manual pump.

Determination of comfort can also be adjusted when using this tool. Pain from pain will be reduced with the right setting.

Using a double pump

Maybe many people don’t know that using a double pump to suck milk in the breast will save time and one thing is certain it can produce more milk over time.

So when you are trying to pump one breast at a time, then try switching from the left breast to the right breast and try this several times while pumping the breasts.

The four methods above are ways to pump breast milk using manual or machine tools. However, pain and whether or not much milk comes out is determined by many factors, one of which is comfort.

How to be comfortable when pumping breast milk?

As we already know, a baby needs quite a lot of breast milk every day, so you have to make sure that comfort when pumping and good body condition will provide more breast milk.

How to pump breast milk for comfort can be done in various ways, such as doing regular breast pumps will stimulate good milk flow. If you set a fixed time to pump, your body can prepare for the additional demands on your milk supply.

Don’t forget to use the time when pumping breast milk. Feeling rushed will spoil your mood. Deep breathing exercises, relaxation exercises from prenatal classes or positive visualization (eg sitting in the sun by a lake) will greatly assist milk production.

Use a warm compress over the entire breast to increase milk flow, some women prefer to massage their breasts before pumping to encourage the milk reflex.

Relax your shoulders and make sure your back and arms are well supported. To make your back comfortable, use extra pillows for backrest.

A good way of pumping is to hold the breast shield from your pump set between your thumb and forefinger and use your palm and the rest of your fingers to support your breast.

This helps maintain a good seal between the breast shield and the breast and avoids pushing the edges of the breast shield into your breast tissue, which can cause blocked milk ducts.

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Many mothers find it easier to express breast milk in front of their baby. If you are separated from your baby, looking at photos of your little one, listening to a recording of their voices or smelling their clothes can help.

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