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29 May 2023

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Cool, Wise and Short WA Status | For Whatsapp Status Updates – Writing a status for WhatsApp is easy but difficult, especially if we want to make a status that is wise but slang whether it’s in the form of pearls of wisdom for WhatsApp or just words for WhatsApp that are cool and wise but short and not too long. Why do we have to write short WhatsApp statuses? Because sometimes other people will become lazy when they see endless long WA statuses, in the end, instead of reading them, the slang and wise WhatsApp statuses that have been written are not read.

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For those who are not used to writing cool but wise WA statuses, it will be very difficult to make status words for WhatsApp. Yes, if what is written is just ordinary words that are random, the results are of course not very good and good. So, if you are confused about writing words of wisdom and slang on WhatsApp, here are some status words for WhatsApp that you can write directly on WhatsApp for your friends to read.

WhatsApp status

Sad WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status

Morale Status

Love Status

Admiring you is like a photo, you can see it but you can’t touch it

Thank you for being with me all this time, I hope we can survive even though there are many problems

I want to be the end of the long story of your search.

My love is always there for you, it only remains for you to believe it or not.

It’s not patience if you still have limits and it’s not sincerity if you still feel pain in your heart.

You don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to be scary, the important thing is good luck.

WhatsApp status

Don’t ignore the feeling of missing even a little…

Be patient, everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

If you can’t make something good, make something that looks good.

Sometimes you think too much about the past that you close yourself now, forget about the past and find your happiness.

The wise man finds his wisdom through the hardships of life.

It’s just made to be nervous, shot No! #againjaman

Jealousy is natural because jealousy is love that destroys is a bad way to be jealous

Breaking up doesn’t hurt, what hurts is that you’ve broken up but you’re still in love.

God doesn’t ask us to be successful and successful he only asks us to try!

Sometimes to do the right thing, we have to be patient and give up what we want, even our dreams.

True love does not come from the eyes but from the heart. If there is doubt in your heart, it means he is not for you.

How to get started is to quit talking and begin doing…

Behind someone who is successful, there must be an ex who wants to get back…

Remember, people who love will find a way out NOT leaving and letting go

Will your girlfriend be angry? real question sentences to determine whether your crush is single or not!

Sometimes what we have sacrificed is not necessarily appreciated by people.

Life is hard and not easy! but I’m much tougher and not so easy to beat!

It’s better to be ashamed to express love that was rejected than to regret that you were preceded by a friend who was braver.

Being sincere is like this: you take care of the cocoon so that it becomes a butterfly, even though you realize that everything that has wings will always fly.

In this life you only need one success among thousands of failures

WhatsApp WA Wise Status

Life is a problem, if you don’t want to have a problem, don’t live

Fall-up, fail-retry, problem-solve. Yep, life is as simple as that

Most of our fears never come true, so be brave, don’t be afraid

WhatsApp status

Islamic whatsapp status

If you are still confused when writing words for WhatsApp, why not just install the Cool Status Update application for Android, which you can get from the Google Playstore, which is available for various brands of your cellphone, be it Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, even for Xiaomi and other brands. Also.


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