Cheapest 4G Internet Rates for All Operators Telkomsel Indosat XL Smartfren Tri Axis -
29 May 2023

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The cheapest 4G internet rates for all operators Telkomsel Indosat XL

In this modern era, the internet can be said to be one of the main needs. Internet users increase from time to time. The internet is very useful for us to find various kinds of information whether it’s about college needs, work or just so it’s not said to be short-sighted. Operators in Indonesia are also starting to improve their networks, many of which have started 4G networks. and also currently 4G LTE internet access is now more widespread and evenly distributed. Operators who were just preparing or just rolling out 4G in a few areas are now more confident. The wider the area coverage, the better the internet speed. In the past, surfing on 3G or 3.5G (HSDPA) networks could only get speeds of around 3 Mbps. Now, the average figure of 12 Mbps is easy to come by. Yes, 4G technology does promise better speed and stability. This time, SINYAL reviews the 4G LTE internet rates that are held by all operators. In total there are operators who have rolled out 4G LTE internet, alias all of them. There are Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, smartfren, Bolt, also Tri which appeared a bit later due to limited frequency allotments. What to consider when choosing a 4G LTE operator? Of course, the first thing is the signal strength and stability in your area.

Don’t think too far ahead with coverage throughout Indonesia. How many times have you visited cities in other provinces? If only twice a year, or once a year when going home, you can prioritize in your own area. Yes, the area of ​​your daily activities, be it school, college, work or pleasure. This strength and stability must be tried and felt, whether tried alone or borrowed from someone else. It could be that the signal indicator looks full of five bars, but it is easy to break during peak hours. The second is the pricing system. Choose the one that suits your habits. Some offer unlimited packages with a certain quota, others offer different rates based on time. It all depends on habits and needs. What is clear, if you usually stay up late or sleep at night, night data package rates are definitely cheaper. There is also a difference in rates according to region. Next, choose the most reasonable rate and according to your pocket. Daily, weekly and monthly options are more interesting, because there are times when you run out of data quota. It could also be because you just want to sample the network speed in a certain location or if your pocket is tight. Don’t forget, currently there are still a lot of bonuses in the form of promos, so in time it will be revoked. Oh yes, after buying a 4G cellphone, don’t forget to replace the old SIM card with a 4G card.

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The cheapest 4G internet rates for all operators Telkomsel Indosat XL

  • Telkomsel Internet Tariff

Telkomsel is one of the operators in Indonesia which according to the author has the best network quality in Indonesia. According to the quality, for most people, internet tariff from Telkomsel is the most expensive tariff among all other operators. Even though it’s expensive, internet from Telkomsel can be relied on in many areas in Indonesia, even smoothly even in buildings.

This largest operator has a monthly 4G LTE tariff scheme. For those who don’t want to bother topping up credit, there are also packages with an active period of 2 or 3 months, 5 months to 9 months. Telkomsel’s 4G data package is divided into Basic, Combo and Flash Packages. Like their previous 3G rates, Telkomsel’s 4G rates vary according to the subscription area. All packages can be selected via *363# or the MyTelkomsel application.

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2GB quota costs 49 thousand / 30 days

List of the Cheapest Internet Tariff Packages for All Operators

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Telkomsel 4G Internet Package Update

in more detail:

HotRod 4G Unlike the previous 3G and 3.5 packages with lots of data quota options, this 4G XL package looks simpler and clearer. Named HotRod 4G Package, customers can register via *123#, then select Inet, then HotRod and HotRod XTRA 4G. XL is also one of the big brands in the cellular operator industry, proven by XL acquiring Axis. Just check the Internet tariff from XL below.

XL internet tariff 2 XL internet tariff 3 internet tariff XL 4 XL internet rates

For more, check here:

Latest 4G XL Internet Tariff Update

in more detail:

Indosat is a brand that has been active in the cellular world for a long time in Indonesia. The network that is owned is also quite extensive, although not as wide as Telkomsel. From the internet side, many users complain about the quality. Because even though it already has 4G internet, based on the author’s experience, the internet from Indosat often doesn’t connect during the day to night at 9 pm, it’s only very smooth when it’s over 10 o’clock. Indosat’s 4G data package rates are arguably the simplest and clearest. There are no various choices, only large data quota options are available. Still combined with the 3G network, the package offering seems to anticipate areas that have not yet been covered by a 4G signal.

Indosat internet rates

For more, check here, bro

Indosat 4G Internet Tariff Update

in more detail:

Three is one of the main favorites for young people to have fun surfing the internet. Because apart from the low price, 3’s internet connection is smooth, and already available in districts and villages, 3 also offers free connections to several popular sites, so even if you browse your quota won’t run out. unfortunately, oftentimes the internet signal from Three suddenly disappears when the user is in a closed shopping complex, building, parking area. The advantage of this operator is to make the internet quite stable, unlike Indosat which, even though there is a signal, often does not connect during rush hours.

internet package 3

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Even though XL has officially purchased it, Axis still exists to serve its users. In terms of rates, Axis Internet is cheaper than XL

axis internet rates

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Smartfren After the unlimited 4G package was warmly welcomed by users, Smartfren stopped it and replaced it with the following two 4G data packages. Both rates can be enjoyed 24 hours throughout Indonesia, without time and area limits. What if the purchased package runs out before 30 days? Customers can buy Add On Internet. In the Smartplan Limitless package, even though the data quota has been used up, customers can still use it for browsing and social chat (Whatssapp, LINE and BBM). Of course video streaming activities such as YouTube cannot be used in this package. Another bonus is 1000 minutes of calls to fellow Smartfren. What’s special, this bonus can also be used to enjoy VoLTE technology video calls, either the SmartVoLTE application or via Andromax E2 and R2. VoLTE is a new data-based way of communicating, over the 4G LTE network which has a dedicated line. The result is stable video call quality and clear phone sound. VoLTE video call rates are exactly the same as regular call rates.

A selection of 4G smartphones on the market that are compatible with the Smart VoLTE application include: Wiko Ridge 4G Fever, Samsung J2, Samsung J5, Lenovo A6010, Samsung Tab S2 T715Y, Samsung Tab S2 T815Y, Sony Experia Z3 Compact D5833, One Plus One A1001, Hisense Pureshot, Motorola Nexus 6, Samsung J1Ace, Samsung J7 and Asus Zenfone 2

Promo Smartfren Unlimited Only 60 thousand per month, with a quota of 1 GB / day. If the daily quota is used up, you can still access the internet, but the speed is reduced

smartphone internet rates

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Conclusion :

For those of you who need the internet as your main need, the author recommends using 2 special internet cards. In general, people now have at least two numbers. One is the main number, a number that has never been changed from the start, the second is a special internet number. The author recommends using an internet card from Tri for needs in the city, while for going out, work, business trips, or just traveling, use a card from Telkomsel which has the best network.

Thus our article about ” List of the Cheapest Internet Tariff Packages for All Operators “

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