Cheap Elevo Laptop Prices below 1 million -
4 June 2023

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Cheap Elevo Laptop Prices below 1 million

The Elevo laptop brand is no longer launching new products. However, in the past few years, there have been notebooks with super low prices launched by local companies in this country. Are you curious about what this cheap laptop that was released by Elevo several years ago?

Elevo Viper i3-14132

At the time of its release, this Elevo Viper i3-14132 laptop provided a notebook option with an Intel Core i3 processor at a low price. Launched in 2010, this notebook is offered at pocket-friendly prices, which range from 4 million rupiah.

The specifications are not bad either. This device comes with a 14-inch screen. Besides being equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor, this notebook also uses 1GB of RAM and a 6 cell battery. Not to forget, this cheap laptop also offers a 320GB HDD capacity.

Elevo R10

The next cheap Elevo laptop option is the Elevo R10, which at the time of its official launch was marketed at a price of 1.4 million rupiah. Very cheap, but the specifications provided are also comparable to the cheap price.

This netbook comes with a 10-inch screen and uses the Windows CE 6.0 OS or you can also choose to use the Android OS. It only offers 128MB RAM and storage capacity in the form of Nand Flash with a capacity of 2GB.

Elevo R7

And the next cheap Elevo laptop product is the Elevo R7. This notebook was launched by PT Elevo Technologies Indonesia (ETI) with a very cheap price tag of 998 thousand rupiah. The specifications are not much different when compared to the Elevo R10. It’s just that, this Elevo R7 offers a screen that is smaller in size, which is 7 inches.

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