Causes of Motor Shake Like a Flat Tire and the Solution -
4 June 2023

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Causes of Motor Shake Like a Flat Tire and the Solution

Greetings, Bung Aant, I am Herdian using a CB150R in 2014. I bought second hand, when I bought the front fork was shortened, I continued to use it, put the shock back in its original position. But why is it that when you use the steering wheel it feels tight, like it feels like the tires are punctured even though it’s not, if the Javanese language is really tight, bro. Even though as far as I know, as long as the motorbike never falls or collapses, it’s okay. I checked the bearing, rims and tires, they’re fine. Do I have to replace the cones or center body? Please respond. Thank You.

Herdian Permana Jl. Eldest, Surabaya, East Java

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Causes of Motor Shake Like a Flat Tire

Greetings too Herdian, thank you for the question regarding the Honda CB150R. Surely that feels a bit shaky huh? There are several possibilities here. The first is to carefully check the condition of the tires, so that there are no lumps. Also check the pressure, the standard pressure guide is on the swing arm. According to the front and back manual, use 25 psi pressure. Oh yes, also check the thickness of the tires, if they are too thin and the thickness is less than 2 mm, especially if the TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) sign has touched the asphalt, you will definitely feel sluggish when running over uneven roads, for example road markings. Replace immediately! Next, check the condition of the rims again, is it true that nothing is loose? Because it is very influential on control. Then also check the bearing again. And what is no less important is the axle, if it is not straight then it will definitely sway when the wheel moves up and down. The points above are safe? I suspect that the komstir or the so-called cones are broken.

As you use it, especially if you often run over damaged roads, it can indeed cause the balls and mounts to wear out so that they are not flat anymore, the effect is that the steering wheel moves unevenly, so it feels like it is sluggish. To ensure the easiest way to position it with the center standard and then in the raised front wheel position, move it to the right and left, the wheel must be able to move without any resistance. If there are obstacles, you can be sure that the driver must be repaired or at least reset. If the points above are still safe, we will continue to examine the modified suspension section. Are the axles still straight? To ensure that it must be dismantled and then measured its alignment. If it’s not straight, it’s time to replace the sokbreker axle or try pressing it to make it straight again. Also check the condition of the up and down triangle, it must be ensured that it is still symmetrical so that the up and down movement of the suspension is straight. Thus my answer, hope it helps.

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