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29 May 2023

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Cameras for Beginner Youtubers, Good Cheap Camera Recommendations 2023 – Choosing a camera to use for vlogging can be very difficult. The quality of the video is very important, there are many other features that must also be considered. For example, does the camera have a socket for a mic or can video results be uploaded directly to social media? This question will later become a very important consideration.

If you are currently new to vlogging, start from the basics. You can just take advantage of nearby tools such as smartphones. Currently there are many smartphones equipped with sophisticated cameras. You can start with a smartphone and determine what type of vlogging you want to make.

You can use a DSLR camera if the concept of vlogging is quite complicated. This is where you have to start looking for which camera is the best for vloggers to use, of course according to the concept. In the market today there are so many choices of cameras from one brand to another.

You will spend a special time to find the best camera. So to help you find it easier, let’s take a look at the eight best cameras that are usually widely used and the prices are quite affordable.

Recommendation Camera for Beginner Youtubers the best

From Canon to Sony, there are many other camera brands to consider. Each camera has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should study before buying. So don’t regret buying the wrong camera.

Here are some brands Camera for Beginner Youtubers which you can choose.

Camera for Beginner Youtubers

● Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III

The advantage of this Canon camera is that it can record 4K quality images without cropping. Plus there is a socket for the mic and it becomes very practical to use. There’s no viewfinder, so you’ll see the footage on the LCD. Through the mic socket, you can increase the sound above from the internal mic.

If you want to stream Youtube this camera will facilitate it. So that the image results remain clear without having to reduce the quality on the smartphone. The battery can be charged via USB which allows you to recharge at any time. If you want to go on a long trip, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.

●Canon EOS M6 Mark II

For those of you who want to create content about traveling, this camera is the right choice. The advantage of this camera is that it is small and light. The touch screen is quite large and there is no built-in viewfinder. When it comes to brand issues, Canon is indeed the king.

Its small body has the same high resolution 32.5 megapixel sensor as the Canon 90D. The existence of Dual Pixel CMOS AF and also 4K makes the image not cropped. Perfect framing is obtained because of the screen that can be turned towards the front. Coupled with a mic socket to get a clearer sound.

● Panasonic Lumix G90/ G95

A middle-class camera that you can get with a variety of interesting features. The advantage is that it has a smart selfie feature and also a choice of zoom kit lenses. The downside is that it can only record 4K at 15fps. However, this weakness is covered by the mic and headphone sockets to get the perfect sound.

There are lots of lenses that are suitable for use with the Micro Four Thirds system of this camera. So for each different concept you can change the appropriate lens. Some advanced features that vloggers can use are V-Log recording.

● GoPro Hero 8 Black

Go Pro is a camera with a very sturdy body despite its very small size. The advantage is being able to work in low light and is arguably the most expensive among other cameras. Suitable for those of you who want to create vlog content about adventure.

There are many adventures that you can record with Go Pro such as climbing mountains, diving underwater or riding a bicycle through steep roads. All the results will appear real in video form. The camera will not interfere with your adventure because of its small body.

●Canon EOS 90D

For those of you who like DSLRs, you can consider the Canon EOS 90D. The screen is full and has a sensor with high resolution. You can record 4K videos, unfortunately there is no image stabilization from this camera. So it is suitable for video content indoors or using a tripod.

Although its main function is to take pictures, there are some useful vlogging features. Like a touch screen with a front screen and 4K recording. You can be more creative with this camera because it can replace various lenses for creative ideas.

● Fujifilm X-T30, a Camera for Beginner Youtubers

A camera that will produce beautiful videos for travelers. The only drawback is that there is no screen, but you can record 4K videos with a small camera body. Not only small, the body is also very light at a low price.

This little camera can record 4K video at 30fps as well as DCI 4K video through its HDMI port. The biggest drawback is that there is no touch screen so you will depend on the viewfinder.

● DJI Osmo Pocket, Camera for Beginner Youtubers

A very friendly pocket camera for vloggers. The advantages of this camera are that it is waterproof and records 4K video at 30fps. The downside is that the screen cannot be rotated so you will find it difficult to take selfies. While the focal length is set automatically. For those of you who are looking for an alternative to Go Pro, DJI Osmo can be the choice.

This camera is very small and there are several optional accessories to choose from. You can use the best quality mic and also video quality such as face tracking which is suitable for vloggers.

● Sony RX 100 VIII, a Camera for Beginner Youtubers

It is one of the perfect compact cameras but the price may be a bit expensive. Sony competes with Canon and proves it with various innovations in its products. This camera is one of the proofs because it can be put in a pocket but the video quality is still 4K.

For videographers and vloggers, recording videos with this camera is very practical. There is a similar touch screen, mic socket and also Movie Eye AF which keeps the image sharp. If you plan to take a long trip, this camera is the answer.

Tips for Choosing Camera for Beginner Youtubers

Still confused about choosing the best camera for vloggers? If of the eight cameras above you are still confused, follow these tips on choosing one. ‘

1. Find out your needs first, you can get the best camera that suits your needs. You may need to use a tripod on a type of camera that doesn’t have stabilization.

2. You can choose DSL to create interesting photo and video content. But a DSLR is not a type of camera that is practically used for adventure.

3. Using a pocket camera for extreme content such as sports or long trips. Choose a camera that provides long battery life and easy battery charging.


The YouTuber profession can be promising, depending on many factors such as the content created, the number of followers you have, and how you manage your business.

Some YouTubers are able to generate significant revenue from advertising, sponsorships and selling products associated with their channel. However, becoming a successful YouTuber is not easy and requires hard and consistent effort to build and manage a popular channel.

Apart from that, being a YouTuber also requires skills in processing content, editing videos, and communicating with the audience. If you have the interest and ability in this matter, then becoming a YouTuber might be a promising choice of profession for you.

However, keep in mind that not all YouTubers are able to generate significant income. Like any other profession, being a YouTuber also carries risks and does not guarantee financial success. So, before deciding to become a YouTuber, consider carefully and make sure that you have the necessary skills and commitment to manage your channel well.


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