Best Spec Xiaomi HP -
29 May 2023

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Best Spec Xiaomi HP

Not a few media in the world have leaked information about Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone, namely Xiaomi Mi5. This smartphone was deliberately created by Xiaomi to continue the success of the Xiaomi Mi4 which was selling well in 2014. Reportedly, this latest Mi5 smartphone will be equipped with high-end specifications and is far more sophisticated than the previous generation.


The price priced by Xiaomi for this smartphone seems to be much different when compared to the Mi4 price which was introduced at Rp. 3 million. Leaks circulating say that this smartphone will be sold at USD 599 or IDR 7.5 million, as reported by the Oppomart eCommerce site. This price is quite expensive. At this price, users can feel the performance of a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a maximum speed of 2.7 GHz combined with a graphics processor from Adreno 420 which strengthens the kitchen runway sector of this smartphone.

According to information reported on the Phone Arena page, this Chinese manufacturer is expected to show its newest flagship smartphone for the first time on January 15, 2015. Unfortunately, it is very likely that Xiaomi will not present the Mi5 in a special variant that carries the latest Qualcomm processor, namely Snapdragon 810. Wrong one reason behind the decision is that Xiaomi does not want the Mi5 to be overpriced. To ensure reliable performance and no lag, Xiaomi has buried a large capacity RAM memory of 3 GB

With this price tag, the Mi5 specifications certainly don’t need to be doubted. This smartphone will come with quite large dimensions measuring 155 mm x 79 mm x 8.8 mm. These dimensions make this smartphone have a large screen of 5.7 inches. The screen also has a high resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a screen density of 515 ppi and already uses IPS panel technology.

For storage purposes, this smartphone comes in two capacity variants, namely 16GB and 64GB. Not yet known whether Xiaomi will provide an external memory slot for memory expansion. In addition, this smartphone will also be supported by a large capacity battery, namely 3600 mAh.

For the camera features, this smartphone is also very reliable because it is equipped with a high-resolution camera. The rear camera has a resolution of 16 mp. Meanwhile on the front there is an 8 MP resolution camera. With this high-resolution front camera, of course this smartphone is very reliable for taking selfies and video calls. But according to other information, some say that the rear camera has a resolution of 20.7 mp. For more details, of course we should be patient until Xiaomi introduces this smartphone officially

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