Best PS 4 Games Adventure 2019 2020 -
29 May 2023

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Best PS 4 Adventure Games of 2019 2020 – After three years of the anime series, we can finally play Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom on the Playstation 4 platform. With gameplay and stories that are exactly the same as the manga and anime series, this game has its own hype atmosphere for gamers. . For anime lovers in Indonesia, you must be familiar with the title of the anime, Attack on Titan or in Japanese it is called Anime Attack on Titan, first aired in Japan on April 7 2013 with a total of 25 episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin. This film was very successful in capturing the hearts of its audience with an interesting plot story. The battle system is epic, making Attack on Titan the title of Best Anime in 2013. Then how about the game? Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom was published exclusively for Playstion 4 and Steam on August 31, 2016, which was developed by Omega Force with Publisher Koei Tecmo which is familiar to our ears. Both the Developer and Publisher of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom have made a lot of series about Dynasti Warrior from the time of Playstation 2 to Playstation 4. For the purchase package of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom on the Playstation 4 platform, you will get a special cloth for cleaning blueray chips with special attractive designs, with various pictures about Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is a game with the Action Adventure genre – Beat Em Up, or it can be said as Hack and Slash. With the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, which is a set of equipment consisting of Blade, Scabbards, and the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear itself. But there is something that must be considered during the battle, the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear that you use is only temporary, or it can be said that it can run out if you use it continuously. If you use it too aggressively, the blade or blade can become dull, and Compressed Gas will run out quickly if you use Dash too much. But there’s no need to worry, every Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear can store 1 unit of gas cylinder reserves and 2 to 4 new blades. It depends on what type of Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear you are using, and how high the level of upgrade you are doing.

Upgrading System

For an Action Adventure genre game, weapons and other supporting equipment are very, very important. In Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, an upgrade system called Fortify is introduced. The workings of the Fortify system are quite simple and have great benefits but also have constraints. The way it works is by first making weapons in development weapon research, and that requires raw materials which can be said to be tricky to get the materials for, and that’s where the problems arise. Then enter the weapon that you want to Fortify into the base box, then enter the other weapons that you have made in the material box 1 to 3 and the maximum limit, then forge up to +10, and not only Blade can be Fortified, Scabbards, and You can also Fortify Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear.


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom can be played online. Keep in mind, for those of you who want to play online on Playstation 4, you must first subscribe to Playstation Plus to activate the online feature. In Multiplayer mode, you will be presented with 2 types of games, namely Expedition and Single Quest and the maximum player that can play in one room is 4 people. In this Multiplayer game, the level of difficulty playing is much higher than in Story Mode. It’s a good idea, before you play in Multiplayer mode, strengthen your equipment first in Story Mode even if only a little. Because there are lots of advantages that you can get by playing online, that is, you can buy rare items or you could say Titan Fragments and get lots of rare items which will be very hard to find in Story Mode. To communicate with friends, you can use voice chat which is directly connected if you use headphones, microphone, or PlayStation camera.

Story Plot

For the story plot of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, it is directly adapted from the story in the manga and anime Attack on Titan where in an unknown era, humanity is almost extinct because some of humanity is preyed upon by a creature called Titan. The remaining Humans survive between three layers of walls named (starting from the outermost) Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina, each wall has a height of about 50 meters which is impossible for Titan which only has a maximum height of 15m . In the year 845 something surprising happened, there was no wind and no rain suddenly a 60m tall Titan appeared, that Titan was a Colossal Titan. The Colossal Titan easily broke through Wall Maria which caused many Titans with a height of 8-15m to enter Wall Maria easily. This caused the residents of Wall Maria to flee to Wall Rose Wall. Among the displaced Wall Maria residents, there is an EVIEWGAME young man named Eren Jaegar who saw his own mother die being devoured by a smiling Titan. His mother’s death made Eren vow to kill all Titans on Earth by becoming a soldier and entering the Scout Legion, despite his mother’s opposition before his death. 5 years have passed. Now Eren, Mikasa, and Armin have joined the Scout Legion.


For graphics, we give it a good score, because Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom has graphics that are not too bad but not too good either. The depth of the picture and the lighting can also be said to be standard, not too reflective of a next gen console game. If you pay attention to the landsace for the grass, it is made very flat, it doesn’t look like grass.


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom has super-fast gameplay where you have to fight to defeat Titans, as well as carry out side missions in each main mission. This game is very fun to play both alone and in multiplayer. With a story plot that is very similar to the manga and anime, it will not be difficult for those of you who have read the manga or watched the anime to understand the storyline in Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. The AI ​​or computer in Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is quite clever, the Titan especially for Abnormal Titan is very challenging and so is the team squad in our party. So that when there is a battle everything becomes completely balanced. For Multiplayer mode, we can say it is very satisfying. Because the server used for Multiplayer Mode is very stable. As well as internet speed requirements which can be said to be quite friendly, only around 3-5 Mbps. So it is very suitable for Indonesian gamers. But unfortunately, the graphics are not very good, as well as a side mission system that requires you to travel from one end of the map to the other. There is a time limit that can make it difficult and tiring for you to play Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom.

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