Best Android Game Apps for DJs -
29 May 2023

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Best Android Game Apps for DJs

Here are the Best Smartphone Application References for DJs 2016

DJ is a profession, a hobby that is neither easy nor cheap, you have to have a deep sense of music in order to unite all genres of music into a special beat. Not only that, you must also have sufficient funds to buy DJ equipment. With the 5 Android DJ apps below, you can become an impromptu DJ without having to drain your savings. These applications are fairly easy to use and allow you to save the music creations that you have created. Even though it is given convenience by the presence of this line of DJ applications, you still have to practice diligently so that the process of mixing the music that you are doing produces strains that are pleasant to hear. Don’t let the music you bring destroy the party atmosphere.

  • Cross DJ Free Mix Your Music

Cross DJ Free has a futuristic interface with a different feel. All the mixing tools presented, such as the Equalizer switcher, Beat changer, Effects, and others are easily accessible by pressing the options in the application deck. Shown in full screen, the music being played will be visible at the top. This app even provides accurate BPM detection of the music you play.

This application also provides the best sync feature which makes two tracks automatically matched. Comes with manual mode and progressive pitch bend, Cross DJ Free is for those of you who know what you want to do and what you want to create. Basically, this DJ application guides you to be more creative and sharpen your sense of music.

Pros: Futuristic interface display, complete mixing tools, and quality sound

Disadvantages: Again this application comes with In-app purchases starting at US$ 0.99 to US$ 3.99 per item

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You are still a beginner, you can still use this application well. You only need to enter two songs and the mixing process can be adjusted according to taste. You can choose songs that are in the smartphone’s internal memory or music streaming services Deezer or Soundcloud. The app’s interface makes things easier, allowing you to explore yourself more. Especially when you do fidling alias friction between each dial and slider. With this application, you are guaranteed to enjoy a fun DJ experience. You can even do music mixing with various effects that have been provided to get the music you like. Interestingly, you can share the results of mixing music to various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  • DJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer

DJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer understands what its users need. You can play songs on your smartphone so you can mix your favorite songs. In its interface, this application has 2 decks of `records` that can be played. Each of them will store the songs you fill from the selected songs.

When playing a song, you can tap or swipe style which can produce a sound like real DJ music. The effects that DJ Studio 5 can produce are effects for adjusting the Equalizer, Loop, BPM, FX, and PL. The best part of this application is that there are no ads, banners, This makes the DJ Studio 5 application the best free application for DJing fun.

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Party Mixer is equipped with a music mixing tool capable of producing Cross-fading, Pitch and Tempo and BMP effects. If you really don’t have the talent to remix songs that have been loaded, you can take advantage of the Auto DJ feature which will mix songs automatically. With this application you can also mix two tracks at the same time. You can even change the Tempo and Pitch to match the track. The music formats that are compatible with this application are mp3, mp4, m4a, 3gp, ogg, mid, wav, and aac. Party Mixer has a simple appearance, and is easy to use. Simply create a mix list, then drag-and-drop tracks onto the deck player. You can even crossfade between the two tracks using the horizontal slider at the bottom

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The appearance presented by DJ Mix Pads is very different from other DJ applications for Android. You won’t find a disc like a turntable. DJ Mix Pads make it easy, where you only need to press the available buttons to give sound effects in the music editing process. Also equipped with skins that can be changed according to taste. With a skin covered in cheerful colors, this application is also suitable for children to play. Overall, DJ Mix Pads is an application that is suitable for those of you who like to mix songs. This application is also worth trying for beginners. With this app you can even create and experiment with different kinds of music randomly.

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