Best Android File Manager App -
4 June 2023

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ES File Explorer, Best Android File Manager Application

For users of Android-based gadgets, the File Management application is certainly one of the applications that must be used. Because this application is used to manage all files on Android devices, be it videos, photos, songs, and other files. Indeed, sometimes not all File Manager applications are able to do it properly. The file manager application that has been named the choice best Android file manager app is ES File Explorer. Latest MNC Play Media Fiber Optic Internet Tariff


This application released by Baidu can be said to have the most complete features as a File Manager. In fact, this application is able to beat Root Explorer which is quite popular and used by Android device users. This application offers many advantages over other File Manager applications such as LAN Manager, Decryption, Encryption, Music Player, and many more.

The encryption feature in ES File Explorer works to secure various important data such as videos or tofos that you don’t want displayed in the Gallery. If you want to use this feature, users can simply select the Encrypt menu then enter a password so that other people cannot see it

With this application, users can save or send applications offline. This certainly makes it easier for users to share applications and doesn’t need to download again so they can save internet quota

ES File Explorer

This feature allows users to secure various data with the Cloud Computing system, be it connected to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

Strangely enough, there is a music player feature in the file manager application. But thanks to these features, users no longer need another music player application because the music player feature in this application is quite complete

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